GTA V: Still Playing Evolve?

Again, you’re trying to justify your own arguments in which you’ve already made up your own mind. No sense in arguing with you. Steam stats don’t lie.

I’m only about 15% complete with story mode. It’s pretty awesome. The heists can be frustrating I agree, especially in public groups.

You mean the 10th iteration of Mortal Kombat in which the story keeps changing over and over…and over…and over…and…you get the idea. Mortal Kombat by the way is $20 bucks on Kinguin. Clearly not a high selling nor entertaining game. But if you like it, then that’s what matters.

What are you talking about? Do you even know? You said your were quitting. Then when you clearly said that, you turn around and claim you didn’t say that, and claim I’m making it up. Then you justify it with Steam statistics.


Sorry but i have to dissagree here.MKX is a great fighting game.I suck at fighters but i can understand that MKX is a superb game.The fighting is trully superb and with the variations and stuff they have added?There is no other fighting game better than it right now.

Story mode was always just a bonus for fighting games imo

PS.Over 1 million are playing MKX.In both consoles+PC ofc

MKX adds character diversity, and different skill levels. Hundreds of combos, and playstyles. It’s also very fun to challenge yourself against other players who’ve mastered their characters.

There is a reason it made it to X.

Have to have the last word don’t you? You’re still justifying yourself. It’s fine. You’re wrong because I’m telling you you’re wrong. I know exactly what I meant, and typed it exactly the way I meant to type it. Go on and keep responding though. I’m over you.

Wow, he must be very wrong if you said he was wrong…

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I really enjoyed Injustice Gods Among Us. It was really just Mortal Kombat re-skinned in DC comics characters. But yeah I can respect that. The story for a fighting game was pretty awesome.

How am I wrong? You clearly typed what you typed.

Wait a second. I’ve stumbled into a fucking troll thread.

Damn it!


Yep. Because I knew what I meant. I wrote it. You two are the only ones in this thread with an issue apparently.

I just got here, I don’t have any issue. Obviously you’re here to troll or something… ^.-

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Yes, first it’s frustrating to find people willing to join your own heist if your friends ain’t online.
Followed by a frustrating heist because somebody sucks or leaves. The heists should have
been out a year ago. I thought they would create something better.

Yeah but the thing is MKX has so much better fighting than INjustice and MK9.You are right about Injustice being a re-skin of MK9.But MKX?No dude seriously.MKX has so much more things and much better fighting.So many variations.So many combos.Such good graphics.The game is a crappy port to PC tho.But its still enjoyable because of the fighting part

Obviously, I’m not. Me continuing to respond to you is the definition of trolling. By that, you’re both here to get attention. My thread and post clearly states a very clear question and motive. Upon my validation of Steam online statistics of Evolve PC player base dipping to under 1,000 players in North America immediately following the release of GTA V clearly has you butt hurt about something. You have now taken something into something its not and are here to argue over nothing.

If you’re going to continue to accuse me of something the moment I step into your thread, I’m out. I don’t have the time to waste with your kind.

Nah bruh, pugs suck. Even in a two or three man pre made, they suck

Bye then. You were here to argue the moment you stepped in. See ya.

I commented to this.

You’re trying to get people to come join you in another game, on 1 games forums. Saying it’s now time to quit, and join you in a terrible game. You’re the one who asked for argument, when you stated this ignorance. Don’t accuse me of your travesties.


There is absolutely nothing to do in GTA Online. The Heists are easy and boring, the normal missions/activities are even worse. It’s a massive grind fest - for what?
You get more cars that you can drive-by more randoms with and blow them up again with your sticky bombs.

The mindless slaughter that is free roam on that game got boring after 20 minutes.

If it’s something you enjoy, more power to you, get as much out of that game as you can. It’s not for me, is all.