GTA V: Still Playing Evolve?


Title asks it all. Evolve as fun as it is, just got shoved the the side. Don’t get me wrong, Evolve is entertaining…For about 1-2 matches. I can’t play it back to back, and it clearly has no longevity. It’s similar to Titanfall where I want to play a match or two and then I’m satisfied for another month or so. Grand Theft Auto PC’s release though has had me so immersed and entertained, especially with the relatively new heists modes for online, that I can’t justify any time towards Evolve at all.

I like Evolve, and for the most part its community, but perhaps it’s time to quit playing Running Simulator 2015, I mean Evolve, and join me in some intense heist action. Seriously.


Alrighty then.


Recently i bought GTA together with other 2 people of my Evolve team.Yeah we enjoy it.But we will still play Evolve daily.Still have our daily practises for the future tournaments.The way i see it right now is:GTA for fun Evolve as “work”.Dunno why but Evolve right now has a feeling of something standar.It must be played xD


Ech GTA 5 is the one that got old real quick. Nothing but Dbags that blow up your cars, kill you for no reason, blow up your cars, grinding on rooftop rumble, PEOPLE BLOW UP YOUR CARS.
Most fun I have is just blowing myself up in the most spectacular way possible.


Yeah, that’s the problem. When a game becomes “work.” It’s already lost its entertainment value. I don’t want to hate Evolve and anything longer than a couple matches makes me start to dislike it. As I said before, it is a very good concept, but zero longevity. Playing with public groups is absolutely not an option at all, whatsoever, end of discussion, period. Especially with the select few who have decided to ruin public play by their incessant need to use Lingon’s or Mr Anti Cheat’s trainers. None of my Steam friends unfortunately play anymore either, so unless anyone else wants to play in a group together, I suppose my online days of Evolve are finished. For now at least.


I got GTA but it’s what I go to when I want to have some mindless fun kill some cops blow up some cars make the world fear me until I get killed finally. Then I do it a couple more times see how long I can run from the cops in a car with 3 stars etc. Lasts me an hour or two every once in awhile it will last me a good long time but it’s not competing with Evolve.


I’ve been playing GTA V for well over a year, the interest has faded for me. XD


GTA is the cloud simulator (I say this from experience)


I purposely avoided playing GTA V on a console. I own both PS4, and XB1, but when a game has a PC release, it’s over for playing it on any console. Getting real tired of 30 FPS or frame rate drops.


People exaggerate way to much about how pugs suck. They aren’t that bad you won’t win against any competition quality monsters but against most monsters they won’t do that badly and it is your time to shine in those pug games show them what a good player can do.


Didn’t imply pugs suck (well, mostly they do), but its not the lack of communication, coordination, or team work…No, that’s not it at all. It’s the idiots who continue to use PC trainers to cheat. It’s clearly obvious, and even though I’ve ran into it twice now, it was two times too many. I’ve sworn off pugs for good. Not happening ever again, just to avoid any future conflicts.



Looking for attention? Completely misread what I wrote? Yep, you sure did. :stuck_out_tongue:


I got what you said. Looking for attention? I didn’t start a thread saying that I’m quitting Evolve…on the Evolve forum.

For what it’s worth, they’re two entirely different games. I wouldn’t quit one entirely to play the other.


Didn’t say anything about quitting Evolve did I? Asked about GTA V and how many are still playing after its PC release. I saw that Evolve dipped down to under 1K players in North America alone immediately following GTA V release. Coincidence? Not once did I say anything about quitting Evolve. I merely said I can’t play it nearly as much anymore. Lastly, I’m well aware that they’re two entirely different games, but one (for me) is way more entertaining. Not to mentionI I’m clearly not the only one who feels this way since Steam statistics don’t lie. But you can make believe up anything in your head you want to. You’re going to anyway.


I feel ya.But i also misstyped what i wanted to say.English ain’t my strong element xD

By that i mean that i play without even thinking.Evolve has become to me something like Dota.It is part of my day now lol.Something like Dota used to be.I wasn’t like…Yeah today i should play Dota.I was just opening it and started played.Altho i can’t tell it while i’m playing i must be enjoying it.Since i got 5k hours in Dota and 350 in Evolve :stuck_out_tongue:

But once again.I feel ya.If you are not a monster player or not have friends to play that is a turn-off.Honestly if it wasn’t for the team dunno if i would still be playing.


You clearly stated that you can’t justify any time for Evolve. At all. That’s not quitting?

Doesn’t no time at all mean not playing? At all?

Not making anything up. Just using your words…


Why would I join you in GTA? ^.-
I would rather play MKX, GTA gets boring extremely fast.


That sounds like quitting, doesnt it?


I think the heist dlc was a big letdown. But from time to time I still play GTA online.
In comparison to singleplayer it’s nothing. Same with the heists.