GTA 5 car cheat


Do you know how to use this cheat in gta online?
It seems to be very useful


Hi there!

Can I ask you a couple questions:

  • What specific car cheat are you talking about?
  • Do you play the game ‘Evolve’?

Here are some threads that might help you out as a new user!

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A single player cheat, or an Online dupe glitch?

If single player, check out I don’t know your platform so I can’t link the list of cheats directly.

For Online, I’m pretty sure these were all patched months ago. At least the ones where you could profit from duplicating cars.

Edit: okay you said Online in the OP. Forgive me, I just woke up :tara_erg:

But yeah. Those should all be patched by now. I’ll check.

Edit 2: Seems there is a glitch going around for PS4. I don’t see much for other platforms. You should visit Se7ensins for these types of things. :wink:


I play Evolve, yeah! It’s a really great atmospheric game!

Se7ensins? Okay, sounds good)


There’s a specific section in their forums for gta online glitches so you’re going to have to look for it. If you can’t find anything there then I would try reddit.


I think if I just typed up GTA 5 Cheats I could get them for you. If you’d want me to, I’ve done it before


I’m sorry, you said cheat when I thought you meant glitch.