Group of 5 Cant Choose Monster


Playing as a group of 5 you used to be able to choose who played monster and hunter between rounds.

Now it only lets you choose the first round after you make the group, then it forces whoever chose monster to play monster every time.

Did something change in the new patch? Or did something break?


Were you playing in matchmaking or custom?


Well in Matchmaking it doesn’t give the option to choose teams, does it? Or is it different for five-mans?


I don’t believe it does in MM. But I have only every been in one group of 5.


Its a group of 5 so Im not sure what the leader clicked. But before it didn’t matter.


Ok there’s a change team button now in the 15 second post-match replay.

Not sure if I like that, before it forced you to repick. Did it change or am I imagining things?


I honestly cannot remember, sorry. :flushed:


Its definitely changed. Before you would click Skirmish as a group of 5 and between each round it would have a hunter and monster selection screen. Now you have to click change team between each round, its a small button where the profile button is top left.

Not a good change, and it should have been documented in the patch notes.