Ground perk bug report


3tier ground perk

in game text
deal 23 damage per second for 3seconds

deal 23 damage per second for 1.5seconds


Didn’t grounder been nerf to 1.5 sec last patch?


reduce jetpack debuff duration in last patch


How long is it now?


Grounder superior perk is reduced to 1.5s durationa fee patched ago. Now it does 23 dmg and 12 dmg. 23 dmg for the 1s and 12 dmg for that 0.5s.


it has been patched at 2.04 or 2.05… nerf to 1.5 sec. So no its not bug


Only the dmg or also the jetpack dodge reduction? cause if its only 1.5 for jetpackdodge its useless


Both. Yeah they nerfed it hard


Thx for the info i always played with useless perks then LOL


It could be a bug, the jet pack effect was supposed to reduce to 1.5 seconds from 2 seconds, but I never saw any mention of the poison effect lasting only 1.5 from 3 seconds. They reduced the damage per second so they shouldn’t have reduced the dot time as well.