GrizzleMarine/aSeeds doing IRL stuff together?! Wild speculation, NEED ASSISTANCE


I knew about these tweets for a few days, but I honestly thought someone else would make a post about it. RIP me.

The first tweet appears that Grizzle is coming over from Britain to 'Merica to play vidya. I can confirm as I am a leading Emoji translation expert. He then says, “Think of the best scenario for me to be going to the US and guess again :sunglasses:”. He then finishes by posting a small turtle followed by someone else posting a GRACEFUL large turtle.

The second tweet implies that seeds is on an adventure with him. Perhaps a legendary quest to git gud? The third tweet seems to confirm this as they are eating together IN PERSON! What could it mean? We know seeds has no money as he is not a real person because he is a caster. How did he get there?

I personally think this has something to do with ELDER KRAKEN and prepping for TU 9. Some sort of big hype, and they’re bringing some titans of evolve to help it out ((sorry juju :cry:)). All I know, it’s gonna be big. I need more wild speculation and HYPU because if I alone went full rant, this post would be closed Q…Q.


Considering how shit our Canadian dollar is that already un-affordable trip is costing that much more (lucky bastard).


Why not just tag them both? Ask them?
Ya know… @GrizzleMarine @Seedsy


This turtle appears to be on a rock. The only possible meaning of this nuanced symbolism is that Grizzlemarine is going on a romantic getaway with Seeds to a nature reserve where turtles are trained in nimble acrobatics. I am happy for them.


I’m working on a project for Alex, he said he’d be out of town until Wednesday.


Aseeds retweeted the screenshot of Tara saying “You don’t drop a new telemetry system if you don’t have future plans,” (which was originally tweeted Feb 8) right after his “Coming brah?” tweet… Hint hint?


I’m still a newbie on this forum. I’ll remember that. Thanks for taggin’ them for me <3.


Obviously their future plans involve NSA levels of telemetry info. I won’t be pleased with it until they’re recording our ingame conversations about what comp we’re choosing!

Honestly though, it seems like Grizzle/Seeds were flown out for Elder Kraken. Butttttttttt, that’s a lot of work JUST for free Elder Kraken. There’s another angle I think.


Project O.o? TELL ME YOUR SECRETS. It’s cool man, it will be a secret between you and me. Word on the street :wink:


For sure. Maybe it’s for a special stream to introduce some of the awesome upcoming changes in TU9? Or they want Grizzle & Seeds to try out TU9 on their dev builds, then go home with cool stuff to tease torture us with.

Or they just really wanted Grizzle to try In N’ Out, which I totally approve of. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for posting this btw, because now I’m looking for more super top secret stuff. ;-;


I think these two ideas combined tell the WHOLE story. OBVIOUSLY, seeds and grizzle went on a romantic getaway with acrobatic turtles, and are discussing their future together at their favorite restuarant, the In N’ Out. All the pieces are coming together. :stuck_out_tongue:


Sounds like the plot to a new romantic comedy. :smirk:


Going of the Seeds/Grizzle slash fic rails for a bit here (sorry everyone), I think if there were to be a big announcement that I had flown two prominent community members out to talk about, I’d do it the day after they arrived. I think tomorrow will be an exciting day for Evolve fans.


It’s ok, it will be uploaded to in due time.

On a more serious note, [quote=“white_hawke8, post:13, topic:83919”]
I think if there were to be a big announcement that I had flown two prominent community members out to talk about, I’d do it the day after they arrived.

More I think about it, less I think it’s JUST Elder ((although he is a SEXY BEAST[[ie]])). Maybe some TU 9 gameplay in the same fashion as when Madcow got to play Gorgon before it was released?


i have no idea what any of you are talking about…

But i’ll tell you a secret… Noone tell @LadieAuPair or @Shaners
This never happened :wink:

Our little secret :wink:


Someone zoom and enhance the background of that picture! Get CSI on the case. THERE’S ANSWERS SOMEWHERE!

Honestly, wheres the banners? The flat screen where they watch salt on the forums and streams? The fountain from which they drink hater tears? Smh…


I’ll help you out… If you loo closely there is a monitor behind the fogged glass with that one specific detail you wanted… it’s coming…


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Please, no more game modes that the “community wants” and then turn out to be crap. PLEASE!

The glass is for them to kiss without being seen!

Team vs Team, New Game Mode coming? (Confirmed as a bug)

But imagine it! Moba style pick/ban phase for both teams! Multiple obs! Korean Casters! Arn’t you excited at all?

Team vs Team, New Game Mode coming? (Confirmed as a bug)