Griffin's sounds spikes are kinda hard to use


It’s not the implementation or even the range/use… it’s the conditions they have put on the sound spikes to balance them… I have noticed that there is a slight delay between signal acquisitions and the monsters physical location in the sensor… And at the same time a sneaking monster can effectively neuter a monster… I think there should be some happy compromise…

The signal delay is punishment enough for the track ing device IMO… I think they should make it so that you know which sensor the monster is in when’s he is sneaking but the game gives you know location…
Because I don’t know how many times I have laid an effective net across the maps major choke points only to have the monster spring up on the outer ring of my far sensor 200m away… that tends to drag on my enjoyment of Griffin sound sensors/tracking capabilities


Soundspikes are made to be spread out ‘general movement tags’. Your most powerful tactic should be not losing sight.


True… but much easier said than done… if your facing a monster with half a brain then breaking LOS is quite literally step 1


The sound spikes are realy weak againts monster that know how they work.
The monster can use pounce on close range, eat if sneaking, and even use normal attacks if stationoary and the sound spike wont trigger. Sneaky monster wont be caught in sound spike.

Someone was nice enough to make study how the sound spikes work and the conclusion was that they are not sound spikes but motion spikes.

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