Griffin's Sound Spikes


I feel like, especially on larger maps, this could use a slight buff. The main issue is that you could expertly cover every entrance possible on tunnel heavy maps, cover every “valley” between unclimbables, or completely coat a single direction across the map’s expanse and the monster can blithely ignore them so long as he stealths. When the monster stealth climbs and every 10 meters travel or 5 seconds inside the radius of a sound spike (and it remembers if it moves in and out, never resets) it should blip the sound spike but not tag the monster. It should also leave a “ghost” spike if it gets destroyed for a few seconds so the hunters know which one blew. When you’re unlucky enough to have your first attraction of birds after stage 2 and you picked the wrong direction to go, especially when it’s a wraith who knows he should stealth, it becomes rather apparent that Maggie or Abe would end up the better choice. Daisy is on a constant trail and Abe’s dart lasts a loooooong time and a good Abe will tag everything he can see (and hunters ignore as much wild life as possible as a smart monster won’t take hunter downed animals with an Abe in the group).

If spikes could blip here and there from stealthed monsters Griffin will be in a pretty solid spot. I’d like to see a slight constant pull on the harpoon to make it more beneficial on non-back shots, but the sound spikes getting a boost would be sufficient.