Griffin's sound spikes and the colourblind


Hello there!

I was wondering how Turtle Rock Studios goes about thinking what colour scheme to use for their designs. Every class has its own unique colour - Assault being Red, Trapper being Green, Support being Yellow and the Medic being sorta Turquoise. These colours however might be perceived differently by a few people. Heck, I’m not even sure if I’m seeing them correctly as I’m partially colourblind myself.

However the thing that strikes me as odd is Griffin. His soundspikes seem to have this orange colour, on top of being really small in size. I’ve found that usually I’m only able to detect them (while smelling) if I can somehow get a really dark background between me and the sound spike; a wall, a cave, or even a large tree.

Now the hard thing is here is that I’m a monster player. I don’t always have time to look for that dark background, even though it’s essential for me to even see the sound spikes. Of course they’re supposed to be tricky to find, I get that. Plenty of people aren’t concerned with hiding their instruments however and place them in the middle of wide open spaces, or even next to wildlife. Any normal person would be able to deal with this (as I’ve seen plenty of other monsters handle it quite adequately). However this thing called colourblindness makes it a rather tricky deal to discover those nasty buggers while you’re in a hurry.

Would it by any chance be possible to add a different colour scheme for the more visually impaired players? Or could the colour of these things perhaps be turned a little brighter, if not a completely different colour? With the amount of colour in the game already, I reckon adjusting the colour of an item’s outline while sniffing would be a rather small feat…

Mind you, I’m aiming this specifically at Griffin because those sound spikes actually deal with tracking a monster. Maggie’s trappers will spring and I’ll know they’re there. Those spikes show no interaction however, no movement, no nothing. They’re practically invisible to me, and I’m sure a fair few other players as well.


They’ve been asked before, I think they plan to release a colourblind mode. I suppose we’ll see eventually

I’m not colourblind, but I would love to see it implemented for those that are. ^.^


Maybe this will help you:

Continuing the discussion from No Colorblind Mode. Made my own:


people are color blind to different colors, I myself have a hard time with reds and oranges blend together, so there is no one color that can help us color blind people. On a side note though, griffs spikes can use a little better cue, I find it VERY haard to find them as a monster


I see sound spikes on monster easily, they are a pretty bright red for me. Not sure what to do to fix it so colourblind people can as well.


Thanks! This was useful.

I can see Markov’s mines just fine though. It’s mostly just the fact those sound spikes are tiny and in a red/orange hue, which a lot of the game models are. It’s kinda hard to differentiate. On top of that it’s only the sound spikes that make me feel like I’m at an actual disadvantage, because it revolves around tracking me. Mines and traps don’t do an incredible amount of damage without getting domed, so it’s the doming that makes it harder to compete =)

Blue hues are a lot easier for me to notice though, so that would be perfect for the sound pikes. Is there a way to only change them with your reshade? Or does it make all of the red hues go blue? I imagine it would be troublesome if everything got converted, as I’m used to most things as they are :sweat_smile:

EDIT: Nevermind, just saw the printscreens. While some of the blues look real awesome and make things a bit easier on my eyes… It’s a little surreal to see people with bluish skin x’D


Use your ears


I second this…I cannot see Griffins sensors at all as monster to be honest.

I also think it’s hard to distinguish between the trapper and support. So I just go by names the best I can and if I forget one I use the “T” button.


To do what? Listen to an object that doesn’t make any sound whatsoever? Once the sound spikes are placed, and they usually get placed when you’re not right next to them, there is no way to detect them based upon sound.


If you sneak the soundspikes don`t allert. Maybe that helps a bit.


Yes there is, anytime you set one off it makes a pulse noise.


yup hes right


Unless you get within 15m of it, then it’ll still detect you.

Also I’ve been playing since the big Alpha, and I’ve never ever heard any sounds coming from those things. If there’s any sound at all, it must be drowned out by all the other sounds in the game - of which there are plenty.


There’s a very distinguishable noise from them, I think your problem is you aren’t paying attention


I don’t think I’d be a top 125 Wraith player if I wasn’t paying attention. Obviously something else is the issue here.


I’ve about 6ish hours monster and I noticed it because I think when I play. Stop trying to blame the game pls


You say you know the game based upon 6 hours of gameplay. You’ve just proven your opinion useless in this matter. Please move along :smile:


the thing is, even with the sound you merely know the spike is within 15m of you at best, 60 at worst, and everytime you hear the sound the hunters know where you are, so using the sounds to triangulate an approximate position is entirely worthless.

They are very hard to see, and if you hear them the hunters hear you, I think it should be more easy to see them, especially within 15 meters, I say make them unsmellable until they are within 20 meters, then clearly visible from then on, so you can find them, but not until you are dangerously close, and then you still have to figure out how to disable or get past them.


I would LOVE it if you could change the colors!

I… love GREEN… and when I watch the minimap, I always think I’m the GREEN dot… even thought I’m not ><

It gets me EVERY time :dizzy_face:

Allowing people to change the colors to their own methods would perhaps save me running away from the dome because I’m an idiot who only plays green…


Ok sure. Get good and stop blaming the game for your shit play