Griffin's Harpoons VS Behemoth


I was playing against a premade lvl 40 team as an elite behemoth. They had sunny torvald and caira, but the most annoying character they had was griffins. Every time I tried to roll i was pooned. Every time broke the harpoon He reloaded so fast he pooned me again as I began to roll again. I still managed to win but the amount of rage I had was extreme. Any ideas to help? (Rock wall barely helped)


Yeah…Griffin’s Harpoon is amazing vs Behemoth.


Rock Wall is about the only way to counter it… or you could just turn around and tongue grab Griff when he does it xD


Griffin is the most annoying trapper to play against as the Behemoth. Always a poon on your tail :cry:


Solution: Don’t play as Behemoth. ( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o)


Ah this combo is hard to play against. :confused: especially with Behemoth.


Maybe i’m just unlucky, but whenever i play Grif against a behemoth, i can only harpoon him before he Power Balls, my harpoons never stick if he’s already rolling around o.O


But I like the almighty Bob :wink:
And the satisfaction when beating dat Griffin to the ground and then burping up some lava on top of him is just too good of a feeling to pass up :smiley:


Sounds painful, actually…

For you.

Burping lava? That’s some bad heartburn, mate.


Yeah I’ve noticed some issues lately, prolly due to some gastrointestinal stress and the adrenaline pumping throughout each game :worried:


Try to position your targets toward griffin. It’ll make his harpoon useless


I’ve talked about this in another thread, but stage 1’s are very 1-sided for behemoth. He’s pretty much forced to engage at stage 1 vs decent hunters, often in a long drawn out battle because like you said its very hard to escape vs sunny and slows are very powerful vs him. A lot of this is map dependent, and there are some very bad behemoth maps that give him little options.

If they have move speed / traversal or cooldown, might as well give up and just fight to the death (more or less) in a good spot you choose (running out the time of the buff as much as possible). Otherwise, try to anticipate the harpoon, and don’t roll till you break it. Then break line of sight. If sunny boosts griffin very far ahead of the team, you should fight back against the griffin, or at least do chip damage on him to discourage him from pursuing. If you can get him around half health, the next time he harpoons you, you might get a free strike on him, since his medic is likely far away. Unfortunately, behemoth doesnt have a knockback skill like rock throw or vortex, so you just have to damage/kill/rock wall the griffin if he keeps harpooning you.

Also if you’re planning to escape after a dome, start saving your stamina 5-10 seconds before the dome drops. Face away from the hunters so you don’t get your critical spot hit, and hide high up or behind stuff. Rock wall can be very good on certain maps, like aviary, for protecting your escape and also trapping the hunters.

  1. Rockwall

  2. kill Griffin

  3. don’t know how well this works but you could keep rolling instead of coming out to snap the harpoon. I know it will break eventually and it seems like you’d be using less stamina if you just keep going.


That is why I love griffin! So trollish.


Rock wall and brake line of sight as best you can. Turns corners like it’s teh end of the world and even the best of Griffin players won’t harpoon ya.


Just stop rolling in a straight line.


Personally never really had a problem with Griffon while playing as Behemoth. Is his ‘poon’ annonying…yes, but it’s not all that annonying. More then once I have just kept on rolling while he had be harpooned and it really didn’t effect me at all, just went around the closest corner and took off. And if Sunny is stupid enough to boost him right up to me then I just make him regret it…nough said.


Would it be funny if both Griff and Behemoth both fired at the same time.


Yeah but if you do this, you’re sure to take a good amount of punishment from the rest of the team if they know what they’re doing


I’ve had similar experiences as goliath (harpooned during leap, break cable, turn back and harpooned during my leap again).

Here’s what I’ve found to work out: Once he harpoons you, break it, and turn (the camera) to the side (while continuing to walk, just don’t use a traversal), and be patient, he’ll probably harpoon you as soon as it’s loaded again, if you’re really familiar with the harpoon’s cooldown, you can wind up an attack, or just wait for it and then smack the cable and traversal away. The reason this works better than just trying to traversal after the first harpoon is because of monster turn speed, and you have more time before his next harpoon because you’re focusing on the timing of it. Best case scenario, you get off a clean traversal and you break LoS by the time he’s reloaded.

It’s not perfect, but it seems to mitigate the infinite-harpooning of skilled Griffins for me.