Griffins harpoons shouldnt hurt goliath and gorgon so much


it shouldnt just stop them immediatlly right where the harpoon hit them it should still go a little further but it should still stop leap smashes and charges


Griffins harpoon stops all movement away from him, regardless of what it is. That’s his job as a trapper, just turn around and break it before he can get another one in you.


STOP! :griffin_2:
In the Name of Griffin Hallsey! STOP!
It’s ok if it get’s flagged…


Griffin’s harpoon seems a little UP to me… I try using it and the thing just breaks. Like divinexdemon said, it stops movement in the opposite direction. Just turn around and break the thing. Takes a while to reload if you ask me. And don’t even mention reload speed perks. lol


by the time you turn around to punch it he presses b to get it back faster and its a whole cycle espically with reload speed


if your in 4 star silver iif its griffin your finished if your goliath espically with val tranqing you


It’s just a matter of timing then. Just run as fast as your monster legs can carry you and hopefully he misses. I think its annoying too, don’t worry, but it still seems balanced.


then your fighting a good griffin. Are u struggling in a fight or trying to escape?


Wow… A Griffin OP thread! This is insane!



You need to break line of sight with Griffin, or be running at him then @AlbinoGoliath

But regardless, that’s what Griffin is supposed to do; it’s his job as a trapper to stop your movement.

Each trapper is better against certain Monsters, and that’s just the way it will always be.


not really just saying its annoying


You’re upset that Griffin is doing his intended job?


why is his trapping more annoying then any other trapper abe you can still get away maggie you can get away but its not getting hit over and over crow same as abe and jack you can throw rocks


So griffin is nerfed and is UP on his own and you want him nerfed more because you can’t deal with the few hunters who can use him well?

If your complaint is Val + griffin nerf Val she’s the strongest medic right now don’t nerf an already weak trapper even more.

He’s the trapper who can defend his team the best and is the best on the chase thats why he also has 0 protection other than dodging.


first people tell me hes the strongest and now hes the weakest i dont understand


Just because you struggle against it does not mean it’s op. You probably played a good Griffin player that knows what he’s doing.

IMO he’s somewhere in the middle. What I extremely dislike however is that Waggie does practically the same thing he does with much less effort and skill and more damage and better tracking.


He isn’t the weakest but his CC has been nerfed many times and again it offers him no protection it also requires skill and timing. It doesn’t need more nerfs it didn’t need the past nerfs. Sunny and Val did.


how are you supposed to kill him if hank is there with val or even laz


Focus him down if its laz.

The same way I’d kill any trapper in that comp by downing Hank and then going after the trapper.


then how do you kill laz or hank if hes just cloaking away and i cant find him because other stuff such as orbitals and toxic grenades then by the time there cloasks end im out of armor and hank shields