Griffins harpoon

after being about 3 more matches away from getting griffins elite skin, i have to say he is a worth while trapper if you know how to use him. HOWEVER I would like to point out that the harpoon is at a disadvantage because it does not hold the monster very well. Because Griffin is limited to one harpoon the monster should have to turn around and swipe the harpoon to be freed. its not fair that the other trappers have fortifications that have a stronger hold and require less skill to snag the monster. As it stands right now the monster can be freed from Griffins harpoon by simply gaining distance and even swiping in FRONT of itself when the harpoon has hit from behind. Those two small things would really put griffin even with the other two trappers.


Also, I think the harpoon should lock the distance from Griffin going both away and towards. Like a solid harpoon. The monster could still move equalaterally with the harpoon but could not go straight after griffin. Why do the other trappers have ways of slowing the monster down when being focused and not griffin? Kind of sucky when the monster reallly doesnt want to be domed.

You mean like a 35 foot-long pole? lolol

More like 35 meter

Is it just me or do the harpoons break way too easily? Do Monsters actually have to aim to break it off because I have the assumption they just left click in a general direction and it just gets destroyed.

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Monsters have to aim towards it before swiping it away.

They did make it easier to break than in alpha. In alpha you had to aim at the harpoon, both Maggie and Griffen’s. Now you just have to kind of swing in the general direction. It feel like they widened the “hitbox” of the harpoon cable.

I personally don’t struggle too much with the harpoons as long as they are in the back. Griffin Fan!

My main hunter is griffen I personally find the harpoons great as they are, I see many fleeing monster have to turn around and swipe to release.

I rarely have seen the monster swiping in front to get a release from the harpoon, if I see him swipe in front I smile as i held it for a second longer.

Also so close to elite skin I think about 11 more mid air harpoons :slight_smile:

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I just wish they would do something a little more with sound spikes. Good players will play around Griffin very easily. I 3 starred him in the beta, and I played him mostly during the second alpha, but with the buffs to Daisy and Abe’s grenades, I am having trouble wanting to play Griffin at all anymore. I think his harpoon can be very strong, but he is worthless against Wraith. He might as well not even shoot harpoons at that thing. Smart players are also really good at dealing with sound spikes as well. He seems to be the weakest trapper by far in the games current state. Only against monster players who aren’t very skilled, is he probably one of the more annoying trappers.

I believe the spikes are being upgraded. It will detect monsters that sneak within a certain radius of the spike and the diameter of the spike is going up

I would like to take a second to point out Griffen’s harpoons main strength!

The chase!

When the dome comes down he is the best to follow the monster and continually make him stop and turn around to swing by putting a harpoon in its back, allowing your team to chunk away at its health. When you get good at it, you can predict when the monster will turn to swipe and release the harpoon before he breaks it, getting it reloaded that much quicker!

Then if he gets away (best case scenario he gets mad at you and engages long enough to get another dome on him) he will sprint away from your harpoons of God right into your sound spikes, allowing you to never stop making him sweat bullets!

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