Griffins harpoon dont work!


hi, i have a huge problem! when im playing as Griffin, i cant hit with the harpoon! and belive me, i have tried more then once, evein if the monster are standing still nothing happens! am i the only one?


You need to hold the button/trigger to keep the action active.


Though the question is already likely answered also keep in mind it has a pretty good range, but certainly has limits, and as you hold it you’ll need to maintain line of sight so always set up in a good spot either vertically above or in a corridor without too many large objects like trees in the way.


I’ve found that against Kraken it feels extremely hard to land a harpoon shot. I know it’s range is significant, enough that when domed I should be within 50-60m of it I guess? Is there any reason other than just needing to practice more? Like, any quirk that I should be aware of to help make sure it lands?


ohhhhh, now i feel like a noob, gonna try it later, thx for the love and fast answers :slight_smile:


It’s weird, I think after a match or two I just got a feel for the range because yeah, the first time I was against a Kraken with Griffin I was very frustrated and couldn’t connect. I don’t think there’s any magic to it, you just need to visually get used to the viable range.


Maybe it’s the angles, because i’ve landed long shots on goliath that on a horizontal plane feel longer in distance than it is up to a Kraken. Perspective though maybe… practicing it is :wink:


Yeah, when that bugger is flying high with just sky in all directions it is probably a lot more difficult to visually gauge the range with limited points of reference.