Griffin's Eerie Look-Alike

As I was playing, I happened to notice that Griffin bore a striking resemblance to someone we all know…

Tarzan’s father.

And if you think about it…

Tarzan’s father
-Shipwrecked and stuck on an inhospitable island
-Has to fight hostile wildlife to stay alive
-Was a big-game hunter
-Judging by the portrait in their tree house, most likely very famous
-GREAT facial hair
-Utilized a spear/harpoon
-Dies by fighting the alpha predator of the jungle, Sabor

Griffin Hallsey
-Marooned with crew and stuck on an inhospitable planet
-Has to fight hostile wildlife to stay alive (damn mammoth birds)
-Is a big-game hunter
-Very famous throughout the galaxy
-GREAT facial hair as well
-Utilizes a massive harpoon gun
-Fights the alpha predator of the planet, the Monsters

Could Griffin Hallsey be a descendant of Tarzan’s father?

Only time will tell if Griffin goes out the same way as his great grandfather…

@Matthew can confirm? :griffin: :wink:


hahaha awesome

If wonder if Griffin’s Harpoon Gun is signed with “Griffin Hallsey”. That’d be funny yet so embarassing.

I thought Tarzan’s family was in Africa though?

He’s probably inspired by him, but wow do they look a like.

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The big game safari hunters stereotype comes from Quartermain.

Halfway through the post I was ready to yell at Galactoid.


Hmm, never seen the other guy. But interesting all the same.

He’s not a distant relative, he is Tarzan! After Jane died he went into cryo sleep and chose a new identity!

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I think Griffin is archetypal. People often compare him to characters wearing a pith helmet which tells me there’s some semiotics happening there.

There is a character from the 1980s Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes who reminds me of Griffin, but I don’t think the artists saw that movie.

Reminds me of Van Pelt a bit too.