Griffin - what wraith?


i’ve barely played hunters since realease. my favourite hunter is griffin. the only guy i’ve even really played other than maggie. do you want to know why?

  1. spam chokepoints with spikes. monster always trips them to move.

  2. gauss SMG better than maggie’s

  3. harpoon all the shit - griffin’s harpoon is targeted so you can use it on the CLOAKED DECOY wraith, so he cant get away without dropping cloak. even if he does your spikes see him.

he’s pretty much wraith’s hard counter.


I have mainly played all the trappers since release and personally found him the worst for wraith. They’re automatically gonna be on stealth mode seeing him which makes it hard to get a ping for the spikes, but even when they do…well, warp warp warp blast warpity warpwarp back into stealth again. In a dome she can still pull her runaway and hide crap by stealthing with decoys.

His harpoon is good for that specific instance, since the wraith has to hit the harpoon which dissipates the decoy or else the whole team can see it tethered to the cloaked monster, but otherwise it snaps constantly(and this is only the derp decoy right in front of the team). She can warp blast, supernova(rip all harpoons during this) and if it comes down to it, rush down griffin since he can’t stop it at all. Her default warp is not easy to harpoon like goliath or kraken, either.

I’ve found Abe to be the strongest here as his dart will always keep track of it even in a dome when the decoy wears off, the stasis grenades make her unable to move all that far from a decoy spot, and it makes it easier to back out of supernova and have the team focus fire.


harpoon is hard counter. you can see the decoy is a decoy by flashing and the animation is obvious.

the wraith pops back into existance when shot and the evasion course inside dome is always obvious.

decoy is useless vs somebody who instantly harpoons the non-decoy.

again, he’ll probably go round the edge of the map so you can just loop round.


Im sorry dude but you said it yourself, you havent played much hunter. I’ve may be biased with about 120 Abe wins since release but I would seriously suggest trying out abe before coming to a conclusion. griffin cant do any damage whilst harpooning, and Harpoon is useless if you are being focused. On top of that the sound spikes are very easy to counter if the monster knows what they are doing, just stealth. And no, good monsters do not just loop around the map. Griffin IMO is the weakest out of the 3 trappers.


you sure about that? i’ve also been using it to get away after being abducted.

i played with abe and his stasis grenades are all very well but his tracking darts just don’t do it for me. they seem pretty cheap at the same time as really ineffective unless you can already see the monster.

i also prefer the gauss smg to his (shotgun?)

also, the monster won’t sneak 100% of the time.


Yes I am sure. If you are being focused, he is facing you, hence facing the harpoon cord, hence braking it every time he attacks. The harpoon is most useful after a dome, when a monster is trying to run. It can be very effective agaisnt new monsters, but skilled monsters dont really have any trouble with it. Abes grenades can achieve the same thing after a dome when used correctly, and whilst in dome provide all area crowd control, and allow you to do damage at the same time. On top of that he has one of the best tracking methods in the entire game and is very helpful for keeping track of the wraith, in and out of dome. I would even argue that maggies traps are better than griffins in the dome because you can set them up in important places then do damage. The harpoon gun is really only worth it when the monster is running away after a dome. The main issue with griffin is how easy it is to counter sound spikes though, you can even smell them out as the monster.


Yeah. Griffin has nice utility for all of monsters. Maggie eally sucks to kraken.


again, if he just sneaks past them he’s spending ages sneaking. if he destroys them i know where he is anyway.

i’d rather stop the monster in it’s tracks and force it to turn to shoot out my cable than have a random AI autoshoot a harpoon occasionally. again, mostly because i can hit the REAL wraith after a decoy. also, the kraken has to fully turn around then hit the wire with his ranged attack. harpoons need to be pre-set as maggie and i can just run around harpooning kraken in the back as griffin.


To be honest I don’t fear Griffin at all, and Wraith is my favorite monster. You sneak a lot, avoid the hunters at stage 1 and start fighting at stage 2, and since Wraith is so fast it is hard for a Griffin to get his harpoon on her. Then again, I don’t rely on decoy that much. I only use it in certain situations, for example when I want to locate their medic inside a dome, or if I want to feed of a dead body when they have a Laz. And of course if my health rapidly goes down.


Alright dude there was no need for that really was there, I was trying to have a factual discussion. A good monster wont destroy them he will just sneak through them. The sound spikes are the easiest to counter out of the 3. And even if you would prefer you harpoon gun it doesnt matter if you cant catch the monster. And as i already mentioned, Abes stasis grenades are just as good at shutting a monster down, and are even more effective in the dome. I have also explained how easy it is to counter the harpoon gun, and if it was actually giving you some trouble you can just focus griffin down as the harpoon gun IS useless when you are being focused, as I already explained to you.


with a net of all the sensor spikes at chokepoints as well as footprints and sound there’s no way you can escape. invariably when i’m playing tracker the monster gives it’s self away with warp or warp blast in sound, which i can track by quickly turning my head to find the exact location.

goliath is also easy to track this way because eventually the player will make a leap and start running around again.

the harpoon gun really isn’t. anything that slows the monster is good. see a goliath charging? harpoon him. wraith decoy or abduction, or leaving supernova AOE? harpoon him. kraken burst? harpoon him.

you can litterally stop half of the monster’s attack moves with well timed harpoons, so why is it useless to use it?

it’s not about some sort of long-term delaying the monster, it’s about the effect that giving your team an extra fraction of a second or more. (certainly more if you cancel a monster’s ability) which you can’t do with preset mine harpoons because they have no concept of timing


Yes, there is. As long as there is no Maggie in the game I sneak almost the entire game, so a Griffin has a really hard time against me. Also, it is easy to get out of the spikes range. When you want to evolve you just search for the nearest spike, travel away from it to the outer edge of the map, check distance, press V… works everytime. So far I only got destroyed by one Griffin, and that was a game where they had a hacking Laz (permacloak and no collision) and I was really upset and started panicking.

You might think he is OP against Wraith, but you forget that everybody plays different. Sound spikes are pretty much useless vs. people who know how to be a sneaky monster, and Griffin has the hardest time harpooning a Wraith because of the warping. Though I agree on Goliath. Harpooning him is very easy, since his leaps are not instantly as the Wraiths warps are. But even a Goliath can be a completely sneaky bastard and safely evolve to stage 2 or even 3 if there is a Griffin trapper.


The sensors being found and destroyed is sucktastic, and the harpoon gun is weak as hell for exactly the reasons stated. Maggies mines are only good if she hits with a bunch from different directions because the harpoons are so easy for monsters to break, especially fast melee monsters like Wraith and Goliath. The harpoon mechanic is just really not very good, its a big part of why Abe is preferred, because that crappy mechanic is spread across the other two trappers. Griff is just the worst of the trappers overall. He needs an overhaul imo.


When I join in progress sometimes I have to play maggie and sometimes her traps can be really nice. I find them most useful when fighting a stage 3 monster and your team sets up and waits at the power relay. Some well placed traps can be very effective at preventing a team mate from getting focused. One tactic that is really cool is when the wraith is going for sneaky long range abducts, just stand near a trap and he gets caught, then dome, the focus. Overall i always go abe though he is better suited to my playstyle and i would argue just generally better


Griffin is a trash. Every time i blame Griffin and Lazarus in my team because they are most useless characters in the game. Even Abe more usefull with his pistol than Griffin. On high level Griffin and especially Lazarus easy to counter on any Monster.


Griffin is god mode, yeah he doesn’t do the tracking for you, but if you have any kind of instinct or can see broken trees and understand general pathing you can track without sound spikes. Griffins harpoon doesn’t randomly break, it breaks because you get LOS’d the monster breaks it, or its a stage three traversal. The harpoon can bring kraken to the ground, stop climbs dead, and stop all traversal maneuvers. Just remember if you are in the air as griffin his harpoon wont hold anything back until you touch ground. Don’t just spam it, wait for when the monster is mid climb, about to traverse, or about to use a skill like leap smash, the harpoon will cancel all of these.
P.S if they destroy your sound-spike, you know where they are.


Lazarus is trash?? you are not correct. Every hunter can be great if the player isn’t trash. Griffin is pretty bad ass. But Soundspikes are not that great, sure they will let you know when they are tripped but it’s delayed. Harpoon does nothing when you are being focused and to say otherwise is insane.


Griffon is a great trapper against the wraith, especially when paired with Bucket’s UAV. His harpoon easily nullifies the wraith’s decoy (I have done this many times). His spikes are useful, but they can be avoided by a cautious monster (hard to be cautious with Bucket’s UAV continuously hounding you). His SMG is far superior to Maggie’s due to the large clip size and no recoil.

I would not, however, call Griffon the hard counter to the wraith. He has nothing to stop the wraith from punishing him while in the dome. Abe and Maggie have delaying maneuvers that allow a chance to evade the wraith around tight corners. Abe is able to slow the wraith’s movement continuously, and there are other classes who have ways to combat decoy (although not as effective). Caira and Hyde can burn him to reveal where he is for a while. Abe, Cabot, and Bucket can tag him so as to locate him easily after the decoy is gone. I have not seen Val’s tranq against the decoy yet, so I don’t know if that would work (tranq after decoying reveals original?). Also, without tracking support from another class, a completely stealthy (and perhaps lucky) monster can evade you for while.

In short, I would call Griffon the hard counter to the decoy but not the wraith.

One final note, I have also had great success with a Griffon/Hank combo against the wraith. Not easy to track, but Griffon can harpoon stop the decoy while Hank can airstrike the nova dome and shield targets effectively neutralizing the two most valuable abilities with the wraith. The addition of Caira makes this team even scarier.


I think Griffin could use a buff to his harpoon, it’s way to easy to break lose at the moment, should be 2/3 hits to break free. Also increase the range of the harpoon. I’ve never had a Griffin player give me any real problems as the Monster, I normally breath a sigh of relief when I see the Hunters have Griffin on their team.


While I agree that Griffin is awesome (harpooning cloaked wraiths is the best :smile: ), I’m 95% sure that Maggies machine pistol does significantly more damage. Unless the devs changed it at some point.