Griffin Strategy, Tips, and Advice Thread


This thread is designed for those that wish to ask for and/or dispense advice regarding Griffin. This thread will be watched carefully as there have been several of these threads already made and many of them dissolved into anarchy. We do not wish for this to happen. As such, if you have nothing specific to contribute please do not post.
We hope that eventually we won’t have to monitor this thread as there are lots of players out there looking for advice and asking for some in return.

Please do not boast about your skill level, call other people out or belittle other’s playstyles. Do not mention/talk about leaderboard ranks and/or tournament wins as these usually devolve into derailed thread linings.

That being said, please keep the conversations friendly as there are lots of players on these forums that dispense good advice.

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Stage 2: Griffin Strategy, Tips and Advice

This topic is not as sneaky as it thinks, eh?


Never fails to crack me up.

In all seriousness, these strategy topics are a good idea. I’ve seen some good stuff. Now it just needs to be brought to the new players. @MacMan, maybe set up a special category to filter for these?


I would put a sound spike once the mobile arena is set so you can find the monster even when it hides.

  • Deploy Sound Spikes as you progress through the map in search of the Monster, not as a priority in itself. In other words, if you have clues as to Monster’s location via audio cues, tracks, carcasses, birds, then hunt the Monster and only set down Spikes when you happen to go right past good positions for them, and don’t lose time going out of your way in the wrong direction just to try to get good map-coverage with the Spikes. Hunting comes first, always. Too often you’ll see Griffin players wandering in the wrong direction while the rest of the team are hot in pursuit of the Monster, just so he can deploy a Spike.

  • Deploy Spikes in elevated positions when possible, e.g. atop rock-formations, piles of wreckage, prefab rooftops. This will reduce the risk of them being destroyed by wildlife.

  • Check your minimap repeatedly as you Hunt to aid with placement of the Sound-Spikes. The ideal is that they do not overlap or stretch much over the edges of the map.


In addition to using your minimap when choosing placement for Sound Spikes, take note of the numbers visible on the side of the spike itself when Griffin has it equipped. These indicate your maximum range (factoring in your Mastery level) and, crucially, the range to the nearest Spike already placed. With this you can judge precisely whether you will overlap or not with your next Spike - double the range and an ideal placement will be just outside of that figure.


Throw the dome and harpoon the monster as fast as you can!


Always talk with a faux Aussie accent when you’re on the mic as Griff. It’s imperative to stay in character.


If you have the Hunters Quest Evolve app you should check out the Evolve Game Changer section. There is a description and picture of each map and it recommends locations where Griffins spikes will work the best.


lots of griffin players/ do like to overlap sound spike.

Do practice more sound spike placement in huge map like medlab/ and wraith trap. ( which i notice lots of bad placement) this comes with experience, eg - goliath jump/run path up-down distillery ,chocking point ,etc.


I play a lot on PS4 and I am new to the forum. I believe this is actually my first post. Anyway, on to the details. I main the trapper class and I have been using Griffen as of late. The sound spikes are great for tracking which direction the monster is moving. My team and I use that to split and head the monster off. Placing a sound spike in the dome will help track a moving monster. Check your mini map before placing a sound spike to make sure you are not overlapping. Actually, if you look at your sensors when equipped they will tell you when they are not in range of another sensor. The bigger maps are tougher to place sound spike so I would look at the map and look for choke points or main intersections. Finally, the harpoon gun can save teammates use it. Happy hunting hopefully I’ll see some of you on PS4.