Griffin Spike placement and Strats


So Trapper is my favourite class and Griffin is my favourite character for that class. I was wondering how people are playing him especially in regards to spike placement of the maps?

Here is a general idea of how I play him (keep in mind I play like this assuming that I am playing with a competent team). Also range of the sound spikes may be slightly off but still gives the idea.
Throughout all the maps I generally try to have each spike touching the edge of the map. Next I also like them to be covering areas that the monster goes trough a lot. After that I try to keep them to areas that the monster will feed in and have wildlife that the monster usually goes after. Finally almost every spike is placed on top of a rock or building. There are very few that can be destroyed by wildlife. This means if one goes down then it is most likely because of the monster and you know where he is.

The Dam - I generally start with the one by spawn. This one covers the path through the cave and is near the generator. If there are no tracks it usually mean they have gone along the river or to the south so I generally go south and loop around the map placing the spikes. Of course everything changes if you find the monster or have tracks. The other to spikes in the south region cover areas that the monster will likely travel through as well as have some wildlife the monster will want to eat. The one to the north west again covers paths close to the boarder along with being near popular evolving spots and covering a likely battle location. The last one covers the section that is left over. I personally don’t find it worth it covering the caves on the south side as the monsters usually just use this as a escape route to break line of sight form the hunts and not as a feeding or battle ground.

Rendering Plant - The first thing I do on this map is go north and place a spike on top of the little building there. When the monster spawns he faces that direction so a lot of monsters will head in that direction. I do this even if we know the monster did not go that direction as doing this effectively cuts the map into 2 sections. Now you can generally tell if the monster goes up there or leaves. I like to put a second one up in the north section as it give more time as they come or leave. While the north section is smaller it has a lot of wildlife up there in my opinion and I like to know if the monster is feeding up there. I find the spike on the east side important and will usually pick up the monster. I find that the monster will usually pass on that south edge and feed there so I have a spike covering that. The last spike covers the western side I find that the monster won’t site near the western side to much so I bring it in and to the south a little. This also allows me to put it out of the way of most wildlife.

Orbital Drill - This one I have the hardest time with Griffin (I do like Abe on the map though) I find that north of spawn and especially north of the power relay there is not that much food for the monster. I have the spike to the north and the spike to the east covering the monster if he moves into and out of that area. I find that they will spend little time up there and if any it will be the to the north east where there is a bit of food and decent cover to evolve. Each of the other three basically cover paths that the monster almost has to take in the south because if he moves into the center area he become a lot easier to spot

Fusion Plant - For this on the Spike to the north covers the passage that the sloth sits at that almost every monster will go through once if not many times in a game on that map. The on to the west covers the section all they way back by the wall that a lot of monsters like to go through and tell you if they are going behind the plant or coming out from behind it. The spike to the south covers a good feeding area for the monster and also a likely battle ground. The last 2 cut off the west section of the map generally I try to use them to drop an arena in the south part of the west section( or at least avoid the water and the leviathan) .

Distillery - Most of the spikes in this one are placed so that we can tell what feed spots the monster is in or leaving rather then keeping track of him in them. To me these spots are bottom left, bottom right and top. This is the map that I change things around the most on though depending on where the monster goes first but i generally focus on covering those 3 spots

I usually will get a stage 1 or early stage 2 arena on a monster using these. Generally in the arena I don’t do a lot of shooting for damage. I will usually be using the harpoon gun in an area that I can quickly jump behind cover from and avoid being focused on so that I can keep the arena up and the team can do the most damage. This being said a lot can change in the arena and is all about adapting to the situation you are in.

Well That’s how I roll Griffin. How about you?


I will have to examine this more closely sometime, I could use some griffin help, but don’t have time to read through this ATM.


Good post. Can’t really add a lot myself, quite often found the game so hectic never got into this level of consideration, just happy to get them placed spread out and safe. Does create problems when your first one is important but your sixth one is more important than 2 through 5.

You have to really track and trap the monster early if you get the chance, in most cases that takes precedence over completing your optimum layout I assume?

What about spiking during a mobile arena? If you are in multi level areas where the monster can be difficult to track is it worth throwing one down?


Well I played Griffen a lot and I feel like I have some advanced knowledge of him so I will help you out for each of those maps.
Dam: Your placement is good, but could have some improvement. I would suggest your first spawn should be near the little river thing on the dam. It allows you to cover the generator (mostly) but still cover the same area. Then I would suggest trying to cut the map in half by placing the spikes near the river for if the monster goes acrosss the river, it will notify you. Lastly I would try to avoid placing down spikes near walls. You want the spikes to cover as much ground as possible.
Rendering Plant: I didn’t play much on this map, but I already see a few problems. The first spike in the middle is good, but you need to seperate the one above it so that they don’t overlap. I would also try putting the spikes close together for the monster could literally walk around in the south and not alert you guys if he went the right way.
Orbital Drill, Big mistake. You left the middle open, which means that the monster has free reign in that entire area and there is nothing you can do. Try covering the pathways more, which on this map, seems to be the southeast, and the center.
Fusion Plant: Great placement. If a monster goes to the East, he can’t get out without alerting you. I would suggest that you try to spread them out more. One in the top right would cover that entire area so that is 1 more that could go near the fusion plant or in the swamp area.
Distelliry: Same problem as Orbital Drill. The spikes are too far away and aren’t in good places. 1 in the cave, 1 in the main building in the center, 2 in the North East, and then 1 in the South West is a good strategy.

Over all you are doing good, but you should learn the pathways a little better. Monsters tend to stay near the edges of the map but will cut accross the map if they spot you and aren’t ready or after a battle. So a good spike in the middle is always good.


When I play Griffin, I tend to put my spikes in areas for total map coverage. I memorized some places where I put my spikes which results in as I said; total map coverage.

Fun fact: If you look at the map fusion plant it resembles something.

Here’s a hint: Men.
(Can never be unseen)


Yeah, for me the arena on the monster takes priority over the spike placement. Once the arena goes down seeing as I can’t do it a gain for a bit I let the team follow the monster while I get as much of my net down as well.

I’m not a huge fan of spiking during an arena but I do do it when it is called for. Trapping is the most important thing to me

@Bear_Stream That’s kind of interesting. First of all I want to stress that I’m not having a go at you here, or anyone for that matter. At the start I mention that all this is assumed with a competent team. And as you have pointed out in most of my setups I leave the middle wide open. I do this intentionally. I like to have the team covering the centre. With the the sound spikes on the side (but not so much that you are losing a lot of their coverage) you can track the monster around the edge and cut quicker through the centre areas. Monster decides to sneak? A competent team will realise this most of the time. Which now means the monster is slower and you move in on it. As you said monster tend to stay near the edge of the map. That is why my spikes are near the edges. I find that if I’m not covering the edges then even an average monster can move at max speed around the edge avoiding the 90% coverage that I could have on the inside making trapping it harder.

But the fact that different things work for different people is always good.


First of all, yes, every player plays differently. No 1 strategy is the best. This is just how I play.
Second: While monsters do stay on the edges, they also tend to sneak more on the edges. But when they run from a battle, they tend to go through the center. So a good spike in the center will give you an idea of where he goes.
If a monster is running from the West side of the Dam map, he can run down the river and go any direction and you won’t know if you don’t see him. I just can’t stand it if there isn’t 1 spike in the middle.

Though I still say you should never overlap the spikes or place them to close to walls. They aren’t useful if part of there coverage is somewhere the monster can’t go to. :slight_smile:


I try to place my sound spikes at natural choke points. Or in more open maps at places that make good “meat farms”


Nice post man, definitely seems thought out and well reasoned. I’ll have to start making notes of these places when I play :wink: I haven’t really had a chance to think through my spike placement that much so I wish I could add to the knowledge pool but I really appreciate you making this post, gives me quite a bit to think about :smile:


Wait, Sound-Spikes have to be placed strategically?

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Can’t hep it. I love this meme.

Agreed with all the above tactics!


Interresting discussion, I’ll have to reply you once I’m off work.


I often just cut the map in half, That gives you a good idea of where the monster is


Most maps are small enough where you only need 2-3 spikes to cut the map (if placed well) so you get 2 spikes to place randomely.
I tend to just place the spikes at common feeding ground and/or choke points. Espicially that big rock in the North Eatern part of Fusion Plant. So many level 1 domes because of tht place. :slight_smile:


Iunno if you’ve seen me play griffin over the press release, but my sound spike placement is pitiful LOL

However it’s like that for a reason; Simply put it’s a huge time sink. By the time you run around getting these sensors perfect, the monster is already tier 2 and you’ve lost one of your best chances at winning! And now you have all 5 placed perfectly, get him in a dome, and you go to place you dome-center-spike to track the m- WAIT NO THEN IT’LL REMOVE A PERFECT SPIKE!
I don’t know about you, but my OCD would be crying xD

I feel people need to place less focus on the sound spike placement. Search the map like normal, cut off the monster like normal. Place soundspikes whenever you’re in a place with minimal overlap or a good position. Place them in domes when you drop it. Place them at chokes and cutoffs as you pass by.

You are the hunter, you’re in control, not the soundspikes ;]


Yeah If i see a pinch in the map or its relatively small. i cut the map in half. then use 2 to place in common areas monsters go. cutting the map in half is far to valuable after catching the monster the first time. if they sneak. they didnt get far. if they run, you know the general direction and can cut them off. love it as griffin.


But they are in control.
-a sound spike then comes to life and starts to beat me up for placing it in a bad spot…then I die and we lose the game-


This is a good start, but you don’t want to be too stiff. Watch what the monster does - it’s more important to cover where your current monster is than it is to cover where he might be.

The big difference between my strategy and yours is that you’re worrying about covering battlegrounds with your placements. I never worry about battlegrounds when chasing. I cover choke points and crossroads, the idea is that I want to put the spikes where they will tell me where the monster will be. Once you establish a battlefield, you drop a spike there. After that battle, you also again want the spikes to tell way he fled, not in the next battlefield… does that make sense?

As a side note, I try to place my spikes on top of pillars and buildings (take jump height!) so that the monster doesn’t find them as easily and reavers don’t rek 'em. That dictates my placements just a little. And of course, always make sure you drop a spike in the arena!

Some specific thoughts:

Dam: I often end up with 3 spikes basically covering the river. That’s because Dam is a map where the monster often likes to cross the river to the other side to escape., and not necessarily at the edges - in fact, they often don’t go to either end at all. You lose precision targeting on either side, but you know whether he crossed or just went upstream.

Rendering Plant: I haven’t had good experiences with this map, actually, but you got this one right. The important thing is to cut off that choke point in the middle like you have, so you know if the monster switches sides. The monsters I’ve fought have hung out in the top, which was just… irritating. When monsters get stuck in the top, I’ll fill in that top area with another spike.

Orbital Drill: I haven’t the experience with this map to figure it out.

Fusion Plant: I would move your southernmost spike more easternly, but yeah. This one is pretty monster dependent, sometimes they don’t touch the north at all.

Distillery: I agree about the two bottom ones. Not so worried about the top - I’d rather get one or two on the roofs of the big warehouse, but yeah, this one is very monster dependent. Multiple places for the monster to focus - things change when you have a Goliath in the caves.


Once again some interesting stuff. As I said before not a huge fan of the spike in the arena. I find a good team is pinging the monster in the arena as he is moving around so it’s not needed. Part of the covering battlegrounds for me means that I will have a spike in an arena without losing the map coverage I want.

For me reason I play trapper is because of the mind games between you and the monster. Always trying to make sure you know what he is going to do before it does. To me the way I play is more proactive then reactive, a trap rather then a chase.


Fair enough if that’s how you want to play, but I can pretty much guarantee that if you go for those perfect placements every game you’ll pretty much always be fighting a tier 2+ monster by the time you get a dome off… Mayhaps even 3 =P

…At least when other people get a hang of the game xD

To each their own though! Play as you wish =3


Well I can guarantee I don’t. I don’t set them up and then go after the monster. It all happens in parallel.