Griffin seems trivialized by the ability to sneak through and smell sound spikes


Since the Monster knows when Griffin was picked off the bat, intelligent Monsters will sneak away to leave him nothing to go on at the start of matches.

This gives Griffin the legitimate downside of a harder time finding the Monster early in exchange for a theoretically easier time finding him later.

However, if the Monster is intelligent and sneaks to avoid sound spike detection, Griffin is essentially blind to the Monster’s location.

Barring a lucky crossing or Carrion RNG, the Hunters don’t have much to track the Monster in this scenario.

Due to the heavy early game trade-off, I feel that the Monster does not need to be able to avoid Spike detection when in their radius or have the ability to easily detect them.

For these reasons, I suggest that Sound Spikes pick up the Monster no matter what they are doing with no smell for them to pick up on.


Works fine for me. A silent monster isn’t eating, and isn’t moving fast enough to stay away from the team. Don’t rely on the sound spikes to find him.


Sneaking is meant to be a counter to Griffin’s sound spikes. If its made to detect everything, Griffin would arguably be overused because of how easy it becomes to track monsters


Realism-wise, there could be arguments for both sides: the Monster could simply be incapable of moving silently enough to avoid the high-tech equipment, or they could.

It comes down to game-play.

Not relying on Sound Spikes is roughly equivalent to saying “play without a tracking tool”. It doesn’t work well.


Keep in mind that he is clueless about the location of the Monster at the start of the game - it has a huge head start.


No, it’s recognizing that sound spikes are a tool, not a crutch. You want them to make it easy mode.

It’s clear you don’t know how to position sound spikes well. I’ve only had a handful of games where a monster managed to stay completely silent of my soundspikes and out of our detection for more than about 5 minutes, and again if they’re staying completely silent they have little to no armor and are an easy target.

If monsters are regularly avoiding all of your soundspikes through the mid-game, you’re not placing your sound spikes in good locations.


There are two kind of stealth strategies:
One where you sneak until you are miles away from the hunters and then use abilities and like to kill multiple wildlife quickly.
The other one is hardcore stealth where you only sneak and pounce, which is not time efficient.

Sound spikes are fine, but I’d wish they were triggered by climbing.


Have you seen the range of SS? Five of them will cover 80% of even largish maps. Soooo if the Monster couldn’t avoid them at all… Griffin would always know where the Monster was, all the time, and leave a very small area where they could be undetected. Which could be searched easily. What you’re suggesting will literally make Griffin unbeatable, because he WILL always know where you are. That…sounded creepy.

As for smell, eh. If they smell it, then they won’t trip it, but again, they wouldn’t be tripping it anyway knowing that Griff is on the team. And if they aren’t tripping it, they’re moving very, very slowly. To kill wildlife without tripping an SS, you have to pounce it from point-blank range. Right behind it. Takes a while, is kinda hard, and slows down a Monster immensely. So yeah. Trust me- Griff’s fine.


Compare to the other Trappers, because that is the relevant power level.

Maggie has the best early game, fairly indisputably.

Daisy is a handy counter to “sneak starts”, and the team will never be left totally clueless as to the Monster’s position.

Abe is in a similar boat to Griffin since he is also a terrible tracker early and a stronger one later, so he is a better comparison.

On one hand, Monsters know they are tracked by Abe’s darts and run accordingly.

On the other, nothing they can do aside not eating will shut dart tracking down: it cannot be countered like Griffin’s can.

Full armor comes almost immediately, but playing sneaky with Griffin may delay evolution.

But then, if the Hunters are hopelessly lost, the Monster has all the time in the world.

“Regularly” means nothing: what matters is what works on good Monsters.


You are ignoring the early game, where Griffin is absolutely clueless barring Carion Bird RNG from hell.


Carrion Birds do show up a lot. Furthermore, tracks, destroyed furnitue shrubbery and other little tips help immensely. You have to pay attention to little things with Griff.

Furthermore, Spotter’s will yell when a Monster passes. This trips a sound spike! And it’s difficult to tell if you’ve tripped one, soooo… :wink:

Look at Abe. He can not find the Monster alone early on, but if he sees it? Lolnope. Griffin is similar, but he just needs the Monster to make a mistake/RNG/a little extra skill.

Get used to Griffin, and he’ll blow you away.


Funny, I think Griffin is the most powerful hunter. Maggie is hands down the best for early busts, but once you’ve had an encounter her power level goes sorta flat, and good monsters will laugh at Maggie players who can’t track without Daisy’s help, which is absolutely no different from Griffin players needing a bit of intelligence. Meanwhile Abe is wonky too, only really comes into his power pretty late game and his stun is situational.

Griffin is consistent. A little slow at the beginning, forcing you actually use your brain to start the search, but he gets up and ticking by about the third sound spike (~150-200m of travel), stays on top of the monster for the rest of the game, and has the best stagger weapon.

How many hours have you played with Griffin, exactly?


They are less likely to show early, more as the match goes on.

I also think its a BS mechanic that should be removed and adds nothing desirable to the game, but that is besides the point.

It is incredibly unreliable early on to be something to count on.

Destroyed plants are rarely a very helpful indicator due to how few get destroyed, and any decent Monster will sneak start against Griffin to not leave an easy trail.


Out of all the Trappers, Griffin is the only one who can be countered so hard.

If he isn’t countered he can be great, but I am discussing optimal strategies in balance.


If you have further doubts as to Griffin’s ability, might I suggest watching GiantChiprel’s streams? He plays a mean Griffin and showcases the character’s strengths rather well.


I can watch a stream, but the issue lies with the competency of the Monster more than Griffin where counters are concerned.


Completely disagree. All trappers have their own weaknesses. Griffin has a disadvantage against a monster who favors sneaking, but there are enough game elements to lead you to the monster’s tracks quickly enough. A good Griffin player and his team will pick up on that. His early game weakness is not staggering enough to warrant such a buff to sound spikes

Edit: oops, meant to reply to this thread, not you @MidnightMonash heh


Oh. I was so confused, lol- like, that’s what I just said! Hehe. Yes, Griff needs a bit of help to find the Monster earlier, but he makes it easier later on.


Tracking isn’t useful if the Monster is sneaking already, and Carrion Birds are betting on low-odds RNG.

You are really underestimating how much of a setback it is to be clueless of the Monster’s location at the start of the match.


I feel like you are thinking it’s single-player mode. You are talking a lot about competent monsters being able to deal with Griffin but leaving out that competent team-mates will make up for the lack of early game tracking and Abe is almost in the same boat.

Without Daisy, regardless you need to work well as a team and communicate and all you need is a papertrail, you don’t need darts to cut off a monsters path with a team and knowing the map. Give the game a few weeks and every team will know the maps and how to cut off routes and tracking will become nerfed across the board as it is now.

I’m no master and got about 10 hours gameplay but I know it’s damn frustrating and stressful going “sneak-only” as a monster simply to avoid soundspikes and you’ll dash sooner or later unless you’re a Wraith.

Bottom-line, you are focusing a lot on 1 single scenario: Monster is smart, trapper plays Griffin, the rest of the team is crap and no one really knows the map.