Griffin Needs a Rework


While this was not as much of an issue as new players were filtering into the game and nobody really knew what to do about the Monster, or had the Keys to get all the characters. But, now that everyone has had time to learn the game, Griffin has become a major issue.
From a Monster’s point of view, Griffin is just a total shut-down the entire game, dominating fights, halting retreats, and all around blocking monster movement. As apposed to other Trappers that vary in usefulness against different Monsters, Griffin stands out as easily being the MOST effective against ALL of them. His Harpoon Gun is just too powerful, being able to stop any monster in it’s tracks from what feels like any distance anywhere anytime.

First off, right now in the vast majority of hunter teams, there is a Hank of one variation or another, and there is a healer with targeted heals (not including E.M.E.T.). So Monsters, to be able to kill the Hunters as quickly as possible, must target the Support and Medic from the get-go, otherwise between the heals and shields, Trapper and Assault are damn near invulnerable. But Griffin is able to completely stop the Monster from attacking at all stages of the fight with little to no drawbacks.
He completely stops Monster movement in any direction that is not towards Griffin, attacking the tether and moving on is an option, but then you are in the same situation seconds later, thus Griffin must not be active in a team fight for Monster to win. Issue is, as said before, the shields and heals make him impossible to kill unless he is behind a wall or something that blocks line of sight, but he has no reason to get caught there because he can use his Harpoon from anywhere, with a range that easily crosses the Dome.

Now, Im not saying that it is OP, and Im not saying it needs to be inherently nerfed, per se. But what I do think, is that he should not be so unaffected by literally tying himself to a Monster that is, as the hunters put it, the size of a house.

So, primarily I think two things need to be done:

  1. Griffin should not have the power of the immovable object. Unlike Maggie’s Harpoon Traps, Griffin is not attached to the ground, instead he is able to move freely while Harpooned to the Monster. I believe that he should either not be able to move while using the Harpoon (because he must anchor himself, and be punished with lack of movement if he misses and the Harpoon flies aimlessly through the air). Or the Monster should be able to tug him along, at reduced movement speed of course. This way, Griffin doesn’t have the strength to fully stop the Monster, but can severely hamper it, creating distance between the Monster and key targets, as the Trapper is meant to in a fight.

  2. The tether that holds Griffin to the Monster can currently just go through walls and barriers. Personally, I think the tether should be broken when obstructed, giving Monsters another way out, and making it a bit more difficult for Griffin to stop a fleeing monster. This would not effect him negatively immediately after the fight, as there would be nothing between him and the Monster, but as it gets further away, there are more corners to turn around, or ledges to hide behind.


Most Griffin players don’t move a lot when they have the monster harpooned. It tends to be better to actually stand still or move a little.

The tether breaks after about a second of it clipping through a wall.


If I remember correctly the harpoon should be breaking if your view gets obstructed that must be a bug. Also in legacy if you were in the air as griffin your harpoon didn’t have any effect.

  1. Griffin can only hold in place opponent going away from him and only while Griffin is on the ground.

In dome, Griffin has to position away from the focused hunter to be effective. Monster can quickly change focus to him and fast combo of all attacks should down him before Medic/Support can reach him in time to assist.

  1. The harpoon unclips after a brief moment of energy-wire clipping through wall.

Out of dome. monsters can counter this by changing direction behind cover, rather than just going straight away from Griffin or if he is isolated, turn around to quickly down him before making escape.