Griffin named after a whale murderer?


This is probs just a major coincidence, but I noticed that Griffin’s Harpoon Gun says “Ahab” on it, like Captain Ahab from Moby Dick.

Today I was looking at how horrible a place SeaWorld is when I read this.

“In 1965, the first-ever orca show at SeaWorld was performed by a female orca named Shamu at SeaWorld San Diego. During Shamu’s capture, her mother was shot with a harpoon and killed before the young orca’s very eyes by a marine “cowboy” named Ted Griffin.”

Probably just a coincidence, but I’m curious. This guy wielding a Harpoon Gun, just like Griffin, has the last name Griffin. Is he named after Ted Griffin? Just wonderin’.


I think griffin is just a name, but the harpoon gun being named Ahab is definitely a reference to Moby dick.

I don’t see any issue with it either.


Well I knew the Ahab thing. I’m just wondering about the Ted Griffin thing.


i just thought that TRS were harry potter fans, griffin house :wink:


But that’s Gryffindor, is not?

Also, I doubt Griffin was named after Ted Griffin.


Seaworld is ridiculously horrible, but I’m pretty sure Griffin isn’t named after that guy. He’s all up in the Moby Dick references.


There’s several references to Moby Dick in the game. A convo between Torvald and Cabot, the name of Griff’s 'poon gun…


I think he is named after the killer whale capturer.


“Whale murderer”…


Eh, sea world might not have as much Ill-intent as we may think. They might just genuinely thought it wasn’t a big deal in the long wrong. innocent ignorance is what in trying to say, although that isn’t to say they should still do it


SeaWorld says that they don’t separate calves from their mothers… To show this, they posted a picture of a calf with her mother. That mother is now in SeaWorld’s custody and that calf is at some place in Spain. They aren’t ignorant, they’re liars.


Maybe, or might have been one incident. I don’t know a lot about sea world and I’m not actually trying to defend them or anything, I just wanted to bring up this idea


On Topic: I don’t think Griffin was named for him, but yeah there are a lot of harpoon and Ahab references. Moby Dick is an amazing book and I cannot recommend it higher. I wouldn’t compare it to the SeaWorld issue either, Whaling back then was harvesting a resource same as fishing. It was a predatory species reaping a benefit from prey.

switching to my political hat for a second:

SeaWorld is much more malicious in its intent, and the more we find out about how advanced cetaceans really are, the more horrific it gets how we treat them for profit.

Don’t watch The Cove. Unless you really hate dolphins for some reason. And I don’t mean Miami.

political hat off.


I really think animals are, generally speaking, are meant serve Humans. I say this cause I have a spiritual view of life and I believe animals serving human in most cases helps animals in the long run. Also, is treating cetaceans ao horrific depending on our intentions. Plus, I also think most animals don’t have emotions and don’t experiencing true emotional suffering, I’m not saying this to justify and kind of abuse or mitigize the pain that some animals have experience because of people who have take Their hatred and anger out on animals, I just say this cause I think animals aren’t sentient like humans and can’t experience suffering like we kind. I do not believe animals have Freewill to experience true emotional pain, for the mist part at least. I’m not saying this cause I hate animals, I actually love animals. It’s just that I can’t help but feel that the best thing for animals is generally serving humans in the long run


Careful, mate. You’ve stated some rather controversial things and a lot of people feel very, very strongly on this subject. And if they get mad here not even I can save you.


i can handle it, if they get aggressive, they will be in the wrong. I have no ill intentions what so ever. I you want to hide it or if you can do something similar, you can if you want for the sake of peace


Just one thing I’d like to say:

Out of curiosity, what makes you think that? I think animals are sentient.


well, like i said, im into spirituality. After reading some things about animals,stating how the purpose of animals and nature is to generally serve humankind because it is what they were design to do and it ultimately helps them. I suppose it helps them cause its what they want to do, well its the closest thing to a want that a non-sentient being could have. Again, im speaking in general. Also, what i read states that we have anthropomorphize animals, trying to make them more human like us. What i read states that we humans are fundamentally different than animals in a psycho/spiritual/emotional way. Humans have free-will and sentience while animals dont. Although i personally think there are exceptions to these rules, such as possibly highly-advanced animals but also pets and animals that are treated similarly like pets. I feel these exceptions have developed emotions or at least something similar to emotions.


Don’t know that for sure. Impossible to determine sentience.


well, i am into spirituality and i feel there is some truth into it. it explains why nature is the way it is, sorta