Griffin/Maggie Switch


Hello again!

I remember that the four original hunters had Griffin instead of Maggie, and that in the Big Alpha it was switched. But now I’m hearing people say that Maggie was the original one and Griffin was simply in the first trailer for technical reasons. So what’s the deal? Why is he getting the backburner? Will he go back to being the basic one in the final game? I sure hope so.


Nah I think Maggie is staying T1 because she’s simpler and the tier system is supposed to slowly lower players into the deep end with more risk more reward characters.

Plus they want to test the Daisy AI I think.


It makes more sense for Maggie to be Tier 1, it makes sure new players in the trapper role get the hunt aspect, that they understand the difference between sneaking and non-sneaking monsters, and… of course…to give those players an easy entry into finding their monster by having Daisy help out a little.


I think the reason why even though Maggie was revealed later she became the tier 1 trapper is because she is much easier to play. She has multiple harpoon mines, and a dog that will follow the monster even if they sneak and can res teammates like the filthy mutt she is (much hate for daisy as a primarily monster player). The other T1 hunters also have a much smaller learning curve. Not to mention that Hank, Val, and Markov all have auto-aim devices.
Also damn, @Puggerugger beat me to it.


Griffen was meant to be tier 1 but after playing as Maggie some the Devs decided that is was easier to play as Maggie. Maggie just drops the mines on the ground and then follows Daisy around. Griffen has to aim his harpoon and has to be strategic on where he places the sound spikes. Much easier to play as Maggie in my opinion.


Maggie easy, Griffin difficult - that’s why.


I think Maggie is easier to start someone as the Trapper. Daisy will eventually find the monster. It might not be the fastest, or the most efficient, but for a brand new player to the game, Daisy is a lot better. Also because you can throw down harpoons and when you hit you limit you can use your SMG. Finally, her turrets are a lot easier to handle than Griffins. Griffin has a very high risk/reward system involved with good aiming in regards to his harpoon trap. Sound sensors can also be fooled if the monster knows how. So if you aren’t experienced at looking/hearing for signs of the monster, Griffin doesn’t help you track the monster better than Daisy.


I think it’s because the Sun rises in the East!

No, it’s as the 14 previous people said, I was just getting tired of reading the same first sentence in every post! :smile:

It’s a fair question, but honestly, I believe the unlocks are going to come so fast it’s not really an issue (T1 vs T2/T3). I only played a couple dozen games and I unlocked Bucket and Kracken. If you really are into the game, unlocks will fly by, especially for your #1 and #2 choices.


Like everyone else said Maggie is easier.

  1. Follow Daisy
  2. Find and trap monster
  3. Lay down mines then shoot with smg.
  4. ???
  5. Profit

In all seriousness I feel like each tier of trapper is supposed to teach you more about tracking the monster.

Daisy can be outrun but not hidden from and you learn how people move and hunt as the monster. Griffin and his sound spikes show a bird’s eye view of the monster’s patterns and routes. Once you get a good feel for tracking abe will be a great choice because you will be more aware of the wildlife, where they are on the map and especially where the albinos spawn etc. Also once you get a tracking dart on the monster you have 45 seconds to get another in. Game over.


The Sun rises in the East
And sets in the West.
Maggie may be easy
But Griffin’s the best.
His epic weapon set
Makes Monsters blubber.
But Maggie’s dumb pet
Just makes them burn rubber.
At the end if the day, I’m biased, it’s true
But no Trapper in Evolve is as good as you.

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