Griffin issues


Been having problems with Griffon lately. I’ve been playing him significantly more since he was updated,but I’ve ran into a number of bugs involved with him, listed here.

1.) Harpoons missing: I’m sure part of this or a lot of it is associated to lag, but I’ve played him a good bit now and there’s a lot of times where the Harpoon is definitely in range to link it to the gun and I should hit him, and I get nothing. Monster just keeps on trucking. Again, maybe mostly lag, but it happens enough that I’m starting to doubt it.

2.) Sound Spike issues. This is the first time I’ve seen this, but I watched a Wraith, eat, climb a wall, and traverse twice all while out of sneak and in the AOE of my spike (had my map up) and didn’t pick up a thing. The whole match he pretty much ran and I had all five fairly clustered by the end of it because she wasn’t getting picked up. May have been lag or something, but I sat pretty dumbfounded as she ran by me with no notification of any kind.

3.) Invisible Harpoons: The most common and most annoying, I harpoon the monster, the monster is slowed, I’m slowed; except there is no visible cable. I have no clue whether or not I’ve actually got him. I can’t tell you how many times this has happened in the past few days. It’s incredibly aggravating to wast precious seconds holding RT moving like I’m in molasses only to find out I didn’t hit him at all.

Anyone else experienced any of this? The first two are iffy, but the third is a definite and recurring problem.


Hmm, I’ve been playing Griffin allot of late; but haven’t really noticed it. I miss harpoons occasionally, but I chalk that up to being out of range. I’ll try to watch more for it next time.


May just be me and bad connections to servers or something. Never really noticed it till the past week or so. The third issue is the one that’s been getting me lately. Hopefully it’s just connection, cause I don’t really notice it offline.


I also have issues with hit registration and invisible harpoons. SUPER frustrating. It forces me to hold down the fire button (is that required on harpoons?) and wait for Griffin to start reloading before I know if I have him tethered or not.

The hit registration seems off like you said. Cursor is on the monster, in range, and nothing. I haven’t been able to confirm it is a thing, because maybe my cables are just invisible and I assume they missed?

I also get a missing flashlight glitch which is pretty much game breaking on some maps. VERY frustrating.

Please fix!


It is 100% required. You may just be using them wrong. The harpoon lets go if you let go of the button; not holding it down will do nothing.


Okay, that is how I have always used them so that is not the issue. I have never tried NOT holding down the button so I wasn’t sure.


True, but I know what he’s getting at. You can sit there for forever without actually knowing whether or not you hit the monster since there is no visible cable half the time, which is really annoying if some brush is in the way as he takes a good 2 seconds to reload after a miss if you don’t release RT.


Holding in the fire button is required to keep connection to the monster with Griffon’s harpoon, yes.


Then it’s either a glitch, you overestimate the range, or a combination of both. Invisible cables are definately a glitch, though.

I once played a match where my harpoon gun wouldn’t reload. I was holding it, but there was no harpoon in it, and it wouldn’t fire. It was very weird.


Weird. Had that happen if the game lags out hard, but never a permanent thing in the sense that connection was reestablished and it still wouldn’t reload. I know the invis cable is a glitch, and an annoying one since my teammates can see it all the time but half the time I can’t lol. My guess is most of my misses are lag. I’ve had games where all Bob did on my screen to break the cable is turn and look at me before rolling away again with no cable attached. Also had times where he literally disappears into thin air right in front of me. My connection to the server always seems bad in Behemoth matches.