Griffin is useless (nah hes alright)


1.if a monster is sneaking you will never find him with his sensors
2.he only shoots one harpoon so if the monster is an average or above average monster he can just swipe it away no problem. Prompting griff to reload the harpoon for like 5 secs

He is more of a catch and slow/prevent run trapper while maggie and abe are all about cc in a fight

Fix griff by making his reolad for harpoon half the time and let the sensors find monster while its using its mobility tool, climbing, and using an ability.


Griff is fine as is. Perhaps a short 2 second stun effect added to a harpoon hit that slows the monster (much like a tranq hit). So regardless of the monster freeing himself from the harpoon there would still be a slowing effect for a brief time.

However, his sound sensors should not change.Griff is meant to be different from Maggie, and if you make his sensors super sensitive then it largely negates the benefits of bringing Maggie/Daisy.


if you cant catch the monster, how can you bloody fight it? the point of the trapper is to track and trap he can not do neither effectivly. i agree they could put like a debuff when the harpoon lands


Lots of ways to track the monster. I was very successful playing the monster, only lost three times out of like 15 sessions as Goliath. My wins were mostly due to 1. me not going into panic mode and running none stop, and 2. Hunters looking for me who were used to panicking monsters who just run around leaving easy tracks to follow.

To find a smart monster without Daisy I suggest doing what real world hunters do. Look for sign left behind by kills, monster evolution, and downed trees. Spread out. Search likely hiding spots. Listen for monster smell ability, I understand you can hear the monster use its sniff.

Bottom line, get creative. Dont count on bad monsters to make the hunt easy.


i went 74/5 as monster. but most people dont know what they’re doing so im sure my wins are due to that. But even still if a monster is decent and sneaks the whole game you will never find him unless he engages you and peels out. in my opinion abe is the best trapper then maggie. i used griffan like ten times and only won with matches vs monsters that didnent sneak/ dident react quicky to harpoons


I was only in Big Alpha so Ive never played as Abe. I disagree about smart monsters being impossible to find. I was smart as Goliath and was discovered quite often, but then got away to hide again. The only thing I would consider a worthy change would be adding the stun I mentioned to Griff’s harpoon, and possibly allowing birds to be disturbed even if the monster is creeping (if he walks over them while creeping).


well think about it, if a monster is climbing/jumping/sneaking he cant be detected with griffs spikes MAGGIE can find em no prob with daisy but nit griff. so if a monster just runs everywhere you can find em sure, but how often do you fight a decent monster that does that? never. and griffs harpoon would be fine as long as you can decrease the bloody reload time. literally the only advantage he has over maggie’s harpoons is range which is insignificant if you cn only hold a monster for 1 sec nd reload for 5. where maggie can pop down 5 harpoons and hold him for 3+ secs cause he cant hit all those poons fast enough so he takes tons of damage from the assult


and abe has a ball that slows and grounds the monster, he can throw like 5 out and it has a big radious its reallyyyy good, and he has a dart gun that will show the monster for FORTY FIVE SECS. it seems broken


It can if it’s jumping or climbing. Only sneaking stops you being detected by them.


Where can i find Abe’s description?! If your info is correct he is the best trapper in the game maybe…



Thank You! :slight_smile:


Griffin is great. I played him the most by far in the alpha. He’s very, very powerful when you know how to use him.

  1. I have trouble getting sensors to ping early in the game, so if I’m going up against newish goliaths and taking them down stage 1 or early stage 2 they’re not too helpful, for one thing I’m still getting all of them down. There’s other ways to find the monster than having your spike tell you.

But when I hit a late stage 2, or early stage 3 game, I get tons and tons of sensor pings. A stealthy monster can’t stay ahead of us, and he can’t climb or jump both of which are detected.

I think maybe consider your spike strategy, it might be a little simplistic, or perhaps you’re expecting the wrong thing. Try dropping one at the beginning of battle, it’ll tell you where he went when he dives off a cliff or leaps around a corner…

  1. The harpoon gun is possibly my favorite gun in the game right now. Put the bubble down first, then catch him on the harpoon. If you do it the other way around it’s not as useful…

Once you have him, sure, he can break it pretty easily. But it stops him, distracts him, and controls him.

  • You can pull him off of climbs (hilarious)
  • make him miss entirely when pouncing on your assault (so hilarious)
  • stopped him as he tried to flee the falling bubble so he can get his final roasting (super hilarious)
  • I’ve held a monster just out of range from a downed player while he flailed like a baby (omg the most hilarious thing i’ve ever seen i was laughing for the rest of the game)…

Just gotta practice it. Try to get him from behind, and maybe a bit low. It doesn’t reload that slowly, so let him break it, that’s a moment he’s not trying to kill your team.

And for Kraken, make sure you get him from behind. Makes a big difference. Turns the harpoon from a waste of time to a fishing pole for your assault class…


Here’s an idea. One that would help Griff but not nerf other hunters or the monster.

In the main menu, if its Griff on the screen, you see him kneeling down and picking up scat or dirt and smelling it - tracking like a hunter/trapper should. What if Griff had a sniff/smell ability like the monsters but not as fine tuned.

So it would need to have a limited range (maybe 75% of monsters), it wouldnt be as accurate (it would show a monsters general direction), and it would have a cooldown.

This would of course then have to replace Griff’s harpoon but it could be a worthy trade off.


I’m imagining Griffin down on all fours, smelling the ground and tracking the Monster how Daisy does.

If this was gonna be implemented, it’d be more likely that the sound sensors were replaced, since that’s his primary method of tracking the Monster.


I’m surprised that you feel that Griffin is so much worse at tracking monsters than Maggie. In my opinion being able to sound spike and cover the entire map is much better than a pooch that can’t keep up with you if you realistically want to catch the monster and is only good at pointing towards it occasionally. Practically anything they do that isn’t sneaking will set that sonar off and when sneaking they are severely slowed. Griffin is less efficient at protecting himself but his harpoons have a much longer (pretty huge, really) range and are a little stronger.

What Griffin can do what Maggie can’t is react to monster movement by shutting it down completely, Maggie can’t do that because her mines take time to set up, and he can do this from a long distance away. Any time that Goliath tries to Leap Smash, Charge or just Leap it’s stopped in it’s tracks right away and at that point cutting the tether doesn’t matter, the damage is done, not to mention that doing so uses up valuable time. Griffin’s harpoons also ground Kraken, if you shoot him he’ll descend pretty quickly, Maggie’s harpoons can only hold him in place and when he’s flying that’s only if you’ve been using jetpack fuel to set the traps up high, which means less fuel for dodging.


dunvi, all sound advice against average monsters, but the OP was addressing Griff’s limited use against well played monsters. When I was Goliath I was far more worried about Maggie than Griff, because of Daisy. An well played Monster is going to remain stealthy and so Griff loses some viability when compared to Maggie. I however think he is fine as is.

Another possible slight change, allow sound spikes to pick up a creeping monster but at a much shorter range, So a creeping monster would have to come pretty close to a sound spike to trigger it.


Also, if a Monster is sneaking, he can’t attack any wildlife without triggering the sound spikes (pouncing takes you out of sneak mode). So a Monster can sneak, but it isn’t going to make any progress to its Evolve meter.


Good point Plaff, I guess if Griff did get a scent tracker it should replace the sound spikes. Im not sure about the sound spikes picking up on the monster killing/feeding. If you sneak attack I dont think it triggers the spikes.


You assume I played against no well-played monsters.

Daisy is a little better for early game tracking, sure, but the sound spikes are great for later game monsters, especially once you’re hot on his trail and he’s got to run to stay away. A good monster doesn’t stealth 100% of the time. I saw people try it, it just doesn’t work, a good player mixes as appropriate.

And trust me, I played against a lot of good monsters. The harpoon gun is really useful in straight combat, the SMG challenges were a pain because I never wanted to put my harpoon away!