Griffin harpoon question


Does anyone else feel that Griffin’s harpoon gun is great against Goliath, but not so awesome against the other two monsters? I’m not sure if I’m doing much by harpooning the Kraken, and Wraith just doesn’t seem so affected by it(also seems like he breaks it faster than Goliath). I could be wrong, especially since I’m not the most experienced Griffin player, but I’m just curious what others think. I would love any tips, too.


Kraken is literally OWNED by poons- Griffin can ground a Kraken in seconds with one. As for Wraith, poons severely inhibit warp, supernova and warp blast, and they shut down abductions.


Plus if they use a decoy while harpooned they stick to the original one


Which means Wraith is forced to break it, taking her out of decoy and wasting the ability. Either that or eat a ton of damage because we all know where she was.


I played mostly monster during the beta. I never really found Maggie’s harpoon traps that threatening, but Griff’s harpoon launcher was my worst nightmare. The good ones seemed to use the harpoon gun opportunistically.

They’d wait until I was trying to escape or switch targets to the medic on high ground, then poon me just as I start to climb or leap away. Getting harpooned while climbing or leaping sucks as the monster - you’ve gotta wait until you fall back to the ground before you can break the tether. That’s a good 1-3 seconds of mobility denied.


Good to know. Thanks everyone. Glad to know it was me, and not the harpoon gun. Rather than making another thread, I might as well ask here… Are Maggie’s harpoon traps any good against Kraken? Do you need to bring him down before they will trigger, or are they good for that by themselves?


The Kraken would have to fly low or land to be caught.


Can you place harpoons on walls, or only flat ground? I only got six matches in, and four were as the monster.


Harpoon traps can be placed anywhere on the ground, however they cannot be placed on water or walls. If you were referring to Griff’s harpoon gun, your question is making no sense to me.


No, I meant the placeable harpoons.


yeah griffin reels the kraken in like a giant fish lol. its actually scary as griffin lol. ur like WOO i gotm…uhh hes gettin really close. eats vortex to the face


You can only place Maggie traps on the ground. I have thought several times that Maggie needs to be able to place these sideways on walls and such. I think that’s exactly what these need to make them viable vs. Kraken or Wraith.

Also, what happens if you use Griffin’s harpoon on Kraken when you’re at higher elevation than it is? Do you pull Kraken up to you or does it still go down? Can you “catch” a Goliath in the air with a harpoon if it’s jumping off a high cliff or does it just fall to the ground and snap your poon due to distance?


you will pull the kraken to you if ur higher. unless the kraken is on the ground. then it doesnt.

second question is the cable is electronic so it can go through objects. so if ur in range. then u will be stopping goliaths movement. griffins harpoon literally stops them mid air. leap strike stops as well .