Griffin harpoon clutch


By far griffin is my favorite trapper because of his harpoon gun, his sounds spikes are good for I think one map which is Aviary because he can put the near the entrances to the different environments to see if he is coming out or going in. But I did something cool with him and the harpoon gun. I missed the dome and before the dome went up I shot the harpoon and got him outside the shield and dragged him back in it. It gave me the hint saying I missed the dome too. So just in case you miss the dome or you feel like you are about to, just shoot the monster with the harpoon and drag it’s monster butt back into the dome. Lol


That is freaking amazing! I will have to try this at some point.


I wish I could put the vid up but I’ll but a pick


So did u get to play the beta? Lol I did the same thing again the whole tyrant crap😂


Lol! watch the lazarus device man! I did play. Finally with a controller too. So much fun!


Lol it was awesome and the lazuras device? Is it on youtube, lol.


What map is this?!


What an amazing catch!


Aviary I think.


Lol I know. I’m going to need a bigger harpoon😂


…Wow. That… I don’t even… @plaff @SlinkyGuy
Griffin FTW!


Hahaha what? And yeah, Griffin FTW!!!


Holy moly, good one! :smiley:


I just haven’t seen or heard of anything quite like this happening, that was awesome


This is why Griffin is my favourite trapper. Who needs harpoon gun buffs? :stuck_out_tongue:


I know, especially with all of the monsters who run away all the time, he is a major thorn in their side. Not to mention when he’s doing this, that monster will be running and tripping all of those spikes


Hot damn this is bloody amazing! ahaha I’m so glad I was wrong about Griffin not being able to pull off big plays like the other hunters :smiley:


Is it possible though? Thought the line extended until max range then snapped if Griffin tried moving back.


Uh. I have never heard of a map by that name in playing all weekend.


Thanks bro😄