Griffin Harpoon buff


To combat the issues I had trying to use Griffin’s harpoon gun I’ve thought of a few solutions.
Idea 1: Make the harpoon limit the monster’s movement in all directions. (This would protect Griffin to limited degree, keeping the monster from targeting Griffin so easily in combat)
Idea 2: Make the tether harder to destroy. Since he only has one at a time maybe his could be harder to break. Maybe the monster has to strike it twice?
Idea 3: Give Griffin the ability to attach the tether where he is standing. This would avoid the tether becoming essentially an arrow pointing to Griffin’s location.

Just a few ideas that might make this amazing game possibly better. For me anyway. What do y’all think?


Incredibly unnecessary.
If the monster is targeting you, grats you’re doing your job right.
If you think the monster needs more than a single swipe to destroy it, you’re probably doing something wrong.
Attaching the tether to something might be neat, but this is what maggie does, let her be special.

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A single tether attached to the ground but directly targeted to the monster hardly takes away Maggie’s uniqueness.


But what you’re describing is one of her traps :\

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Somewhat but with no arming time and longer range. Just a thought.



But isn’t his harpoon ridiculously strong at the moment? Especially being the only thing that can counter/control monster traversals?


Could limit it to one at a time. To keep it all balanced.


Maggie’s traps can stop it too, but they have to be in place 3 seconds ahead of time. Though yes, incredibly powerful.


Positioning is actually one of the things you have to use when using Griffin’s Harpoon Gun.

I noticed if I use it in the monster’s frontal arc he can swipe it and destroy even unintentionally, the key is adjusting your position like the high ground and harpoon the monster BEHIND where he’ll less likely react and waste a jump or skill by reacting to it instinctively.

I use Griffin like a ranged character due to his superior range (if you can aim) and ability to harpoon at will unlike Maggie’s mines which require you to be close to deploy and have 2-3 seconds set up time.


I actually don’t mind a challenge. Agreed positioning is everything. I guess this idea for a post came from my last big alpha game where the monster always targeted me as Griffin and ignored everyone else. I was left with unresolved frustration I guess.


Oh, yeah, I was talking harpoons in general; But griff in particular can chase with it too… both strong imo =3


Yeah, the better I got with Griffin the more I pretty well decided that the perk I needed most was damage reduction. I tried being more mobile, I tried increasing my jump pack, but if you’re pissing off the Monster to no end he’s not going to stop coming for you. Well, or if he does I’m a stubborn Trapper and will just try to harpoon him again anyway, trusting my team to support me while I draw attention. :slight_smile:


Found it much easier to use jump pack recharge and just avoid the damage outright for as long as possible abusing the hell out of the dodge.


Yeah, it is a debate and then just a judgement call you need to make in advance and hope you picked correctly. For some Monsters they would get annoyed, swat at me a few times, and then get redirected and for those the mobility worked fine. Then I had a string where the Monster simply wasn’t having any of my nonsense and was out for blood. Granted, it all serves as a great distraction and my team can help me and hit the Monster for it, but maybe my problem was pubbers who tended to neither shield or heal me and didn’t do a great job of bringing down the Monster while it was going nuts trying to kill me. :slight_smile:


I would think that it comes to how much confidence you have in your skill to dodge. At 10% reduction, if you dodge even one ability or skill because of your jetpack recharge, you need to get hit 10 time with the 10% reduction to equal the benefit. However if you have trouble getting those perfectly timed dodges, or just can’t be bothered, 10% reduction is better than 0 successful dodges xD
Not getting hit in the first place even just once is the clear winner imo… If you can dodge reliably xD

Also note that abilities in this game do large chunks of damage each, the 10% may be 100% useless in some cases. If the monster uses 3 abilities doing 40% damage to you each, you’re dead after 3 shots wether you have the reduction or not (36*3=108% damage, dead). This is obviously only in some cases, though sometimes it works magically in your favour (abilities that do 50% damage each, with reduction takes 3 hits instead of 2) however dodging one you get the same benefit, AND can also move faster when out of combat =3


Well, and that’s why the level of persistence by the Monster is the key. If they’re only going to make a run or two at you a jetpack regen boost or other mobility thing may be helpful/useful. However, if they decide to just focus you you’re going to deplete everything in a hurry, regen kick or not, and then it can become a different issue.

Again, though, getting some help from the team would seem to be more important. Assuming they were competent then mobility would probably be the best choice, if they suck perhaps it is ultimately a wash anyway. :slight_smile:


My post was assuming they focus you and take you from 100->0, the one extra dodge makes it longer before you die ;]

(Note that this is assuming the player is aware of direct-up air dodges as well as directional dodges, meaning a goliath or such just can’t negate your dodge instantly :stuck_out_tongue:)

The only point I can concede about armour would be the unique situation getting healed while getting hit, if your team plays like that it becomes much more competitive!


I know your pain on the “pointing to you” issue. As a Medic, each time you heal, you’re pretty much giving away your position. It’s a very risky vulnerability for the reward of keeping a teammate up.


Hehe, one benefit of Laz who can just say “Screw em, I’ll help them when they’re dead” :slight_smile:

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the point of griff’s harpoon is not to hold the monster still but to prevent the use of a mobility tool

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