Griffin bug (Dev help plz)


Experiencing bug with Griffin, @MrStrategio, basically you guys buffed him to have an expanded range and I played as him twice. First time I was using predator skin so I thought that was the problem, UNTIL I used elite also and got the same bug.

Pretty much I lay down a sound spike with the mini map up and it shows the buffed area but then reverts to the old size. I JUST recorded it. Only once, but I don’t know how to get the video from OneDrive to here (on my cellphone). During one game I played as Grif I laid it down and fully expected to receive the other part of his buff, within 15 meters while sneaking monster would be detected. Needless to say it didn’t do that either.


Are you on Xbox One?


Probably xbox, one drive is the only way people are allowed to share their screenshots and videos on xbox to the internet

#4 works better and is easily embedded here.


Yes, I’m on Xbox One. I have a flying behemoth clip to the One Drive, but I have yet to upload my Griffin bug.


It’s clip #3 that’s the Griffin one

#5 is the flying behemoth.


We’ll be looking into the Behemoth issue.

As far as the griffin issue you’re pointing out I don’t see a problem except that the UI updated strangely when you planted the sensor.

Looking at the video I saw a ping that was 130 away from where you stood near the sensor. The circle that was present was just under half of that from the point you planted it so it looks to be about 60 meters. I also didn’t see an instance of a sneaking monster get with a 15 meter radius of the sound sensor so unless you have a friend play in a custom game as monster to sneak by and ping it to test this, I think it is working. You may want to ping a few times before you plant a sensor to get a sense of the stealth detection coverage of an area.


Yes I knew I noticed this. I knew it seemed smaller but was playing on a smaller map so thought maybe that was the issue, but it did revert

I’m on pc btw


When I played other games, the radius felt MUCH bigger. I’m not calling you a liar. I played that whole game. And I only got pings on him 11 times, the whole game. I usually play with the mini map up, and what I was experiencing through and through was, ONLY when we found him and chased him was when the spike picked him up. Just like it used to before the patch.

Again, I’m sorry for any disrespect if you felt I did so.


No need to apologize. There very well could be a bug somewhere, it’s just that the footage you provided did not show me how it was not performing as intended. If you record an instance you think is a bug, go ahead and post it again.

For a better frame of reference, consider pulling out your mobile arena next time. That has a radius of 50 meters, while your sound sensors radius is 60. You’ll get a better idea of just how much it would at least cover using the blue holographic dome projection, but add 10 meters beyond that.


I felt the need to. I didn’t want you to take what I said the wrong way. I don’t think I’ll be able to do that today, I’ll try, if not today I’ll see about tomorrow.