Griffin brought an SMG to a Tank fight?


Okay, so Griffin is suppose to be some big shot hunter of some repute, but he decides to bring an SMG of a small caliber to hunt monster bigger than elephants? Unless he was unable to bring proper firepower within him and is making due with what Cabot had lying around, I question his credibility. I love Grifin’s look, sound, and character, but he really does need that old school double rifle of huge f off caliber.

Make is a very long reload or big knockback or something, but the Trapper series already has a machine pistol user in Maggie and he even complains in game after uses of Torvald’s Shrapnel Grenade how unsporting it is. This screams for Griffin to take up yhe more traditional weapon of his trade. I know it would be a lot of work to redo this kind of thing for hom, but if only it would happen I would main him.

Perhaps one of the devs would care to shed some light or unknown to the public morsel of why such a famous big game hunter is using a tiny SMG?


The SMG is easily my second favorite Hunter weapon. Excellent accuracy, huge range, decent damage. Do not underestimate it, especially with the ease of headhsots.


Well i just lost a full bar of health due to Griffin and his “Weak” smg, those headshots are brutal


Normally he uses his bare hands when hunting, but cabot insisted that he use a weapon, so he just chose the closest one, which was the smg


I think the harpoon is meant to be his big gun. He just switched out a damaging harpoon for the tether harpoon.


Oh it does damage alright. Ever shoot that baby at a mammoth bird or the like? I wonder if you can tether a Tyrant with it…


Oh i rarely play Griffin so I can’t say I have. But my point was that the harpoon is his signature weapon not the smg.


His SMG is pretty good. Maggie’s pales in comparison.


Like someone on these forums already pointed out before, Griffin looks like van Pelt from Jumanji. I agree with you Camo, this dude needs an elephant gun, something along the lines of a .450 or .500 Nitro.


The strict Australian gun laws prevent him from using a more powerful weapon. I think @MidnightRoses will agree :blush:


Yes, he wishes to honor the laws of our nation. Technically he’s not meant to carry the gun, but exceptions can be made in this case.

Real men don’t need guns. /sexism.


Yes. That’s why he prefers knives. Goliath pulls out knife. Griffin “that’s not a knife, pulls out huge knife THIS is a knife!”


Im not saying that Griffin’s SMG can’t bring the pain, just that it seems so out of character for someone with his sort of background. Figured one of the folks @ TRS might be able to shed aome light onto the reasoning behind the choice.


Griffin is my favorite trapper, and I share this frustration. Honestly, most of my time is spent using the harpoon gun, and I have a feeling the weak smg was selected so players would naturally gravitate toward using the harpoon gun more (as they should - trappers are meant to impair monster movement when in battle).

But come on - Griffin literally wears a bandoleer of .50 caliber bullets! Why dost thou taunt me so as I use a pea shooter?


Swap between the SMG/Harpoon gun… You can hold down the mouse, and when you swap to Harpoon from SMG; it auto fires… And his gun actually does decent damage.


Yeah, I agree with this. Dude is a stereotypical big game hunter and an SMG doesn’t really fit into that. I always thought his weapon choice was strange for the character, but I will add that I do like the gun and it is way better than Maggie’s.


Whale harpoon? Shoots it at the monster, and deals damage; plus adds a bleed effect? Slow reload, largish damage? Would that be preferable? ^.-