Griffin Auto Aim Assist Too Much?


I’ve been playing as Griffin A LOT recently and have gotten elite in less than 4 hours and I’ve continuously noticed something about his (pass) gauss smg.
The autoaim is not as balanced from what I’ve seen, sometimes as Griffin I can literally do more dmg than assault in certain fights, especially against a flying kraker, because I can just hold down fire and tap the aim button whenever he moves so I’m constantly aimed at the monster. I usually choose the skill based headshots but when the monster is far away the auto aim is incredibly “useful”.
I obviously don’t have a problem with this lol, but it does seem a bit much based on how much damage Im pumping out. I can’t speak for the other hunters, but I assume markov, maggie, and hyde can do this with their weapons as well.
Idk does anyone else use this strat?


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Never really noticed this but now that you mention it I’ll have to check it out. The Gauss is pretty strong, especially for a trapper. Not sure about outpacing assaults, but I’ll check it out.


I main griffin I use him in pups and tournaments he doesn’t do as much damage as you think the auto aim does not help as much as you think its not like it locks on to his head.


Is this only elite?


Anything to help take down dat kraker :stuck_out_tongue:


Maggie deals a lot more damage tap-firing from what I’ve played. Obviously playing on PC the aiming bit doesn’t apply so much but griff does far less damage. Then again you haven’t got much else to do vs kraken when you can’t drag him down atm!


I’ve always found the SMG damage to be laughable anyway. Griff should be harpooning rather than shooting in nearly every case.


False. especially since kraken cannot be harpooned right now.

@TheCrescendo I did some tests. all 4 vs behemoth in a live match. all ending stage 1. ONLY using damage no trapping items.
abe-7700 (but i had 1 game with 12k in 6 minutes)
crow-7580 (this was a 2:30 match!!)
maggie- 4500

griffin does the most against all monsters aka sky wraith and kraken cuz his range is good. abe must go to the single shot which lowers his dps quite a bit. but besides that abe can tear a new one in the monster. more than assaults can.

also…i get ABSURD damage as crow. i never hp shot. i just light them up. I had like 15k one game.

OH yea, you are incorrect. it is COMPLETELY unbalanced. it practically gives you 100% accuracy. its really an aimbot.


Obviously Kraken is the exception at this point. In the case of all 3 other monsters the harpoon gun should be max priority for Griff, to protect allies from movement-based attacks. The Gauss just doesn’t do enough damage to justify using it constantly, regardless of auto-aim ::stuck_out_tongue:


Gauss rhymes with house, btw.

IMO the aim assist brings a bad console FPSer up to the level of about a typical keyboard and mouse FPSer with little to no effort. But then having decent aim with keyboard and mouse takes little to no effort, so it’s not a big deal. If you have aiming skills you can typically do more damage shooting at the head than spamming aim and hitting center mass, but if you’re having trouble landing your bullets on the monster the aim feathering will definitely bring your game up. And if this game were all about pixel clicking skills, that would be a pretty big unfair advantage, but it isn’t so i don’t really care about it from either a monster or hunter perspective.


I am kind of shocked people are just figuring this out. It has been in the game since the beta. This “assistance” makes it so you don’t even have to aim. Literally, just repeatedly press L and the cursor will find the monster and stick on it.


run quick switch. you can predict when goliath will leap strike or charge or jump. behemoth yes stop the roll spam. wraith…not worth it it only halves the distance on warp blast. u cud do it to stop traversals in combat tho.


Have you ever done hanks laser gun? It is the most insane auto aim i have ever seen in my life. I would watch as the goliath jumped back and forth and just by clicking the aim button multiple times was able to stay on him, even when he was flying in the air at great speeds. They really need to dumb down the auto aim a little for some of the characters, because it can get downright ridiculous.


They need to REMOVE the auto aim. Learn to aim by yourself…


They don’t need to remove it, they just need to tone it down a lot. Controllers cant aim in the same way as keyboard and mouse. There is an input gap between the two.


The aimassist from the controller works on the mouse too there is a post about it somewhere here in the forum i call that plain retarded


I say remove it. ppl need to learn to aim. this takes zero skill. I had my 6 year old whos never played fps before kill a minion in nest mode by just mashing the aim button.


can u explain more what u did with each trapper to get those damage numbers? 7700 for abe’s shotgun…4500 for Maggie…7600 for grif and 7580 for crow…what does that mean exactly?? were u online or custom or what


So there is the issue, you are mad that someone with mouse and keyboard is getting the additional advantage of aim assist. Understandable.

And I believe the person doing this had to have the controller plugged in for the game to allow the aim assist function to be turned on. I also hope this is fixed.

We will however continue to disagree about whether it should be eliminated from consoles. I think it just needs to be toned down ALOT lol.