Griffen and his harpoon and first dome do need some adjustment UPDATE :: well update went to fix it


Just got TRASHED as mult monsters who coudnt escape that dang harpoon.

Sure sometimes I can… but not usually without a massive health penelty.

Now, how about this…IN THE FIRST DOME
or eliminate that rid. drop ship timer for the first down.

pick one. .

It is simple. I can down a hunter within the first part of the first dome.

No way in SHEAR should that same DAMN hunter drop down from a dropship under the same DOME.

So I suggest, @TRS make it so, that very first special dome work for both… Because downling a hunter in the first dome allows them to respawn before the dome collapses and thats very uneven. The first dome should be a glass dome… it should shatter with the 1st hunter down.

Simple fix… that way, if griffen is all over a monster with perks and harpoon… I can down him and get away… Not down him then he respawns drops from sky and continues persistence until i lose that bar of health (which i fought hard to keep in the first place)


So… because you can’t beat one Hunter… they should perform a massive nerf to ALL Hunters like that?

Lol okay.


Literally the reason for 75% of these types of threads.


Nooo like i said i can trash him. Its really more that first dome mechanics.

See if i down a hunter early in the dome the hunter will reapawn before thw dome comes down.

And yes… when something sticks out as bad as that yes i call it int9 question.

Absolutly nothing wrong with that. Anyone coming in here complaining can about my thoughts without any proper input.

Well just shear off wont ya.


Okay, so this thread isn’t about Griffin AT ALL (which I know that’s who you fought), so there was absolutely no reason to add in that first paragraph. Aight.

Telling me to fuck off in one of the strangest ways possible isn’t going to fix the fact that you confused me and several others because you put completely irrelevant information that took away from the actual core root of the topic not only in your thread, but in your title.

Now, apologizing and fixing the areas that generated confusion would’ve been a pretty good place to start.

Anyways, on topic (apparently), I’m not sure how I feel about your change. I don’t think it should come down immediately, but maybe drop the timer a bit more than usual? I don’t know.


One time I downed an assault that domed me alone. The group followed into the dome shortly or at the same time as the downing. Medic worked to revive and I camped the body to prevent revives best I could…but then the assault dropped right back into the battle to lay the hurt on, along with the rest of the team who were kiting me from one rock ledge to another as Goliath. They had jet pack perks of course and this time I didn’t have any climb perks. I took a lot of damage before the dome finally dropped, having to deal with four hunters again.

That said though, I am not a good monster player. A good monster will know how to capitalize on the down and get another to make the punishment worth it, or focus instead on mitigation until the dome drops. Griffin with reload speed is amazing, but you HAVE to cut around corners. I argue that Crow and Val can be equally punishing in pursuit.

Just something you need to figure out how to do and change your tactics for I guess.


More of what he is trying to say is that a hunter comeing back almost instantly in first dome isnt cool.



Yes it is about griffen, and the harpoon mechanics blended with other things.

The dome idea is presented as a solution.

Why are you attacking me instead of contributing? doesnt make sense… im going to ignore you for this thread.



Not quite… but im at work atm and will get back to ya.



Makes thread about Griff Poons…Thread is not about Griff Poons…




your so mean to me.


The title says something about harpoon, yet your conclusion is to change dome in monster’s favor. I suggest you change the title maybe? I’m not saying anything about the content here.


ok incase you want this thread to be about griffin because im confused as fuck after that, heres how you escape a griff :
dont waste your traversals so you can use multiple at once and not just one also break line of sight whenever possible

most of the time its a game of patience who fires his guns first, griff his harpoon or the monster his traversal/ability


Because i Feel its the two mechanics combined that cause this particular issue.

(let me guess, BIKE and others are Hunter mains?)


I contributed. You just chose not to read it, and continue a discussion about absolutely nothing. Gg.


Ive been reading all but every9ne was ganging up on me 8(

So if i lost track I do apoligize.


Btw rapterra why are you always on the attack?


Oh found it… thats a nice reply.

See its more of a combinatiom of things. I have been watching it quietly since new griffen came out.

I mentioned it before that the mechanics were off in another thread. Now its been a few weeks later and i noticed it again and again.

Its all decided on the mechanics the first dome. The dome timer is really just too short for a redrop.

Why is this mixed with griffs harpoon gun? Becuase its the one mechanic that seems artifically created through hunter paddings and securities.

The harpoon just seems to be the one thing that can abuse that situation off the first dome and really quick drop ship timer.

I.e. the hunter shouldbt be alive bleeding out then magically appear from the sky harpooning after dropping about half way down the fall to continue thier persistence.

And that persistance is aided by the first dome mechanics.

I can really work with that type of contributiobn and it allows me to move my thoughts forward and hopefully others as well.

Luv ya Rapterra, even with your bullish styles

Stay kewl ^.^


Yeah im sure hunters losing their only way to fight you because you downed one is a great idea.