Griefing with wraith


I decided to make it my mission to piss off as many people as possible. I found the perfect way.

The power cooldown trait
And 3 points into decoy right off the bat

Now sit back and laugh as the hunters chase you for 20 minutes, get incapped in 3 hits by the decoy, and lose in the end.


Kudos on the…creative video, but really? Why on earth would anybody deliberately ruin other people’s fun, record it, and boast about it on the internet? Why not just let everyone have fun? And even if you did this yourself, I can’t really say anything, but recording it and then boasting about it?


Maybe they should make decoy not abusable then.


Not his fault really Wraith is OP if it was balanced he wouldn’t have made the video


That isn’t an excuse for going out of your way to ruin a game for four other people, then recording it and putting it on the internet.

If I tricked you into buying a crappy second-hand car, then recorded your reaction and boasted about it, should I say you should be less gullible? No, I’m still an asshole, for lack of better words. :confused: Still not sure why anyone would do this.


You sound like the guy that was in tears after I stalled one game to 27 minutes. He was literally crying over this.


not popping supernova before decoy

nerfing is a bad idea. nerfing called nerfing anyway. if you want to nerf decoy or supernova you’re going to need to BUFF the wraith’s other traits, or she will get stomped. you cant neuter 2 abilities and say everything is fine when you only have 4 to choose from.


How so? I haven’t made on emotional comment here. You seem to be getting a little defensive…

So you made somebody cry- granted that’s absolutely foolish; nobody should cry over a video game- but regardless you did it. Are you proud of that?


I would assume it is to make a point.

When you see monster player picking wraith you know it will last 20mins or so anyways. Better just dodge. No fun to be had in that game.


Yes the video was a bit jerkish … but when someone plays as wraith in a match no one has a good time, the monster was not properly tested with the public and so it is OP even if you manage to kill the wraith the fun is still ruined because you’ve been chasing after a ghost for 20 bloody minutes


Yes, I am, he was a bucket player.


I must admit that this is generally true. 99% of Wraiths just abuse the Decoy and SN. Nevertheless, I don’t like to quit. I’m not going to argue balance here, but “making a point” doesn’t excuse ruining others’fun and literally making someone cry. I simply don’t understand why anyone would do so.



I don’t like quiting either, but if I have to choose between wasting +20mins of my life chasing a badly designed slithering ghost vs quitting, the quitting options will win 9/10 times.
Enough games in a row with wraith and it is time to change a game.


nick the wraith was tested and already nerfed. it’s win ratio fell at least 30% as a result.

personally, i never use supernova and decoy as a main weapon.

abduction followed by warp blast and pounce is much better.

supernova and decoy are just support abilities. i only use supernova just before i pop decoy to hide my cloak animation. i only use decoy to pounce and/or eat bodies.

130% is statistically impossible. wraith loses to a team that communicates.


30% drop from 130%


If I’m pugging I suppose I’d have to agree there. I’d probably stick it out to the end out of pure unwillingness to submit, but it wouldn’t be much fun. :confused:

With a full team though, I wouldn’t mind.

From 70%ish we went to 56%ish. An excellent improvement, if a bit too little, but it’s still subject to change. And people will improve.


It was tested briefly in the beta, 30 percent i don’t believe im gonna need a link to those ratios if i am too believe what you say


it’s also worth noting that the 70% was with good hunter teams (or at least better ones) who’d had some time to get used to hunting.

most of the people who unlocked wraith right away also mostly come into this set of people. so THEIR win/loss was nerfed 30%, rather than just anybody.


It wan’t thirty, more like fifteen, but still a colossal improvement.


all wraith needs to lose is stasis grenades and damage amp, maybe some trancs.