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Gridom Link

What is Gridom?

Gridom is an LFG site that allows you to find other Evolve players. You can easily set up a lobby where you’ll be able to set a description for what type of player you’re looking for, and give your lobby categories so others can easily find exactly what they need. It works on any mobile device or computer.

The best part is that it’s all done in real time. Once you see a created game description that you like, you’re free to enter a real time chat function with the host. Once everyone has joined into a lobby to find the appropriate players, then the lobby host can terminate it and it’s done with!

So if you are you missing a Medic player in your team, or you´re new to the game looking for other newbies, create a game with the description that you like!

To allow you to better keep track of when someone has joined your lobby, you’ll get a ping that’ll inform you of someone joining.

TRS really like the concept and gave the green light to post and pin this. Hopefully you guys will find it useful and quickly find other people to play with!


@Plaff and @milesahead

Leaving Feedback

if you have any feedback, positive or negative, then please post it in this topic here. @MilesAhead will be able to deal with this feedback to make Gridom a better and more accessible site!

Update - Gridom Introduces NoobCamp

(Feb 9th, 2015)

NoobCamp is a search category that allows you to play with people who are new to the game, or to set up a lobby where you can teach new players the basic of the game. Since launch is approaching, there will be a lot of people who don’t understand how to play properly, so for the veteran players out there, this is a great chance for you to help out some newbies!


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Looks good :slight_smile: I know I’m wanting to hit up some community members/teams when I’m not tournament practicing.

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Maybe even help us new player through the basics once the beta is out on Thursday?! :smile:



Unfortunately I’m not XBone so I’m not playing Thursday. I will be working Friday, but once I’m off the rest of the weekend (And all day Monday) I will be binging out on Evolve.



I will take a look at this website.



Very neat, and it looks like it runs smoothly. It looks nice, it feels nice, let’s hope it works nice for game day. Great job. I look forward to making use of this.



I need to ask, I have seen most of your Evolve videos, do you consider yourself a casual or competetive Evolve gamer?
Personally I’m a mixed. I like to compete but hate min/maxing and metas.



I think cows are competitive creatures by nature.
Competitively Casual or not is the question. Hmmm the mind of a cow is a tricky thing.



It depends, for instance I was competitive in Netrunner recently, won every tournament and championship I went to. Even strongly though about going to Worlds, however I couldn’t really afford a ticket at the time and that week was busy for me in my personal life. I more or less don’t play Netrunner competitively anymore. I felt bad winning every tournament locally so I decided to let others have a chance :stuck_out_tongue:

That being said, I think something similar will happen with Evolve. I would like to see how I do competitively at first, but I’m not career minded competitive anymore. That was a while ago and I don’t really miss it :slight_smile: I enjoy the challenge more than winning (If that makes sense)

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Thanks for the tip!



Thanks I will check it out.



This looks very cool - thanks!



Agh, in a sort of vicious login cycle where I used Facebook and now it complains my username has spaces or is off but I also can’t edit anything. Also can’t seem to cancel the account because the errors I have cause other problems. Needs a bit more bug testing. :slight_smile:

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Haha, the link it sends you to change your password logs you in but when you then click to change your password it requires you provide your current password. Can someone just outright delete my account (looks like 150) so I can start over again? :slight_smile:





Evolve France love this! I love it!

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Sent you a private message, hopefully it will solve the facebook fock up! :smile:
And thanks everyone for your comments and reactions so far, keep the feedback coming. We have about 1 month to the offical release the 10th of February, so hopefully most bugs and unknown problems will be solved before then!

And yeah it goes without saying, that if you like the site please share it on reddit and so on, the faster we get the gamers to know about it the better the experience will be for us all.

I honestly think Evolve has the chance to create a whole new genre in gaming and we have to spread and inform those who still not understand the concept. Can´t belive I´ll get my first experience with Evolve tommorow on the Xbox, feels like Christmas all over again, but back when I was 10 :wink:



Feels like Macs when the idea still was to bring innovative things.


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Need plenty of new friends to play Evolve beta with this weekend and when the full game launches.
Sorry for making another post about this if one already exists.




I think my brain burned out on trying to read that website logically