Green Man Gaming - VIP Section - Monster Race $75 , Digital Deluxe $60 , Regular $45!


I just checked Green Man Gaming, and under the VIP Section, there is a 25% discount going on right now for all Evolve titles, no copuons needed!


There’s been like 3 threads today about the GMG.
Not saying anything bad its cool to share but i think people already know it


But, that content isn’t even finished yet…


Yeah dude we got your point from your other posts.Like the previous 3.We get it you hate the model price.We ain’t very fond of it either but we live with it.If you hate it so much just don’t even bother with the game


everything thats not in the base game is content thats not finished.


Oh jeez, not this again… You want quality content, you pay a quality price. You want a cruddy game, go buy one on steam for 10-20 bucks. There is more content down the line because they already delayed this game and barely fit in what is there.


Yeah, well, I am quite certain people who would like to listen to this crappy reasoning of yours are not on this forum.


Stop complaining on every post on the forums, it’s getting old fast.