Green Man Gaming Monster Race PC Bundle for $80 , Digital Deluxe $64


Green Man Gaming added the bundles to their store. So now you can buy the PC Monster Race bundle for $80 if you use the 20% discount code!

Digital Deluxe is $64 w/code.

Hunting Season pass is $20 w/code.

EDIT: 25% off in the VIP Section without codes on all versions!


GreenManGaming: PC Monster Race for $80!
Is steam the only way to get the pc monster race?

Nice, I wonder if they’ll send out codes before release. In the past they have for other games I pre-ordered from them but you never know.


That tears me down the middle…exclusive skins for monsters that I never want to play, but no exclusive hunter skins…

ARE the pre-order hunter weapon skins exclusive?


aaaaaaand canceled my steam pre-order and pre-ordered it at green man gaming :stuck_out_tongue:
third tier was not allowed at the tournament anyway :slight_smile:


I hope Steam will refund the 79.99€ on my PayPal account.
And not take them in ostage in their “Wallet”…

come on, 64€ instead of 80 ! What an awesome deal ! Thx GreenMan


There are no exclusive skins. Time limited, yes, but not exclusive. Everything will be on sale down the road. Currently, Gamestop offers the Monster Edition WITH the Exterminator skins. So far they are the only skins I have seen that are for Hunters.


I just cancelled my pre-order and it went to my steam wallet. Any way around this?


Cancellations through steam always go to the wallet. You can purchase the Monster Edition and get access to T3 through steam, but then you miss the discount.


I wonder if someone already cancelled via Steam and got a “REAL” refund.
I don’t want to launch a procedure via PayPal to ask for a refund because “Monsieur Steam keeps my money in ostage while a competitor sells the same product for less”.

EDIT: After seeing the Terms and agreement of subcribtion, I, living in the EU, have the right to ask for a refund on digital products as long as they have been pre-ordered and the product is still not released.

So, problem solved ^^


If only Green man gaming accepted Steam money
Does it?
That would be awesome!


Article 2-3. :smiley:


I don’t see it.
I don’t know what this is.
Can I or Can I not use Steam Money for the $80?
Sorry but I really don’t see a part that talks about this. Don’t hate me. :frowning:


Nha I’m sorry, this was for my case ^^.

You need to ask for a refund on steam if you can ^^.


I have the 100, but 80 was a nice deal.
Ah well.
Also I didn’t preeorder on Steam. I got it on PS4 but I’m going to switch to PC.
No love for PS4.


Im not sure I follow
you recieved the refund into your steam wallet?


Not yet, but I will =)


Steam code? if I buy it?


Yes, you will have to add it on steam once you 'll have the code.
The code will be delivered the 10th of february, or just a few days before for game pre-laod.
And btw, not sure how works the refund for digital products from S-Korea. Here in Europe we have commercial laws about this that grant us guaranted refund. (If you want a refund on steam, but I read somewhere that you don’t want ^^).

For pre-purchase games, you will not receive a key immediately at the
point of pre-purchase, rather you will receive the key on the day of
release (or a day or two beforehand dependant on the game publisher) We
cannot guarantee that you’ll be able to preload; however, we are in
constant talks with the publisher to ensure keys are released as early
as possible.
On release, your key will be displayed in your GMG account found here, and you will also receive an email with your game key once it has been issued.
You are welcome to a refund on your Pre-purchase as long as you meet the following criteria:
The game activation key (including any bonus or beta keys) has not yet been disclosed to you by email or webpage.The release of the game, or the pre-load is not within 48 hours of
the refund request. We are unable to process refunds 48 hours before a
game is due to be released or preload begins.If purchased through Paypal, refunds can not be processed after 60
days from purchase. After this, only a credit refund can be offered in
its place.


owww 10th of feb? oww



I don’t think you need the code before , right ? ^^