Greatest monster combos


Okay, so what’s your personal favorite combo? Mine is using all four of behemoth’s abilities. Just use fissure, Grab them with the tongue, rock wall and then bombs. What about you guys?


Behemeth: 3 Lava Bomb, 3 Fissure, 2 Rock wall, 1 Tongue Grab
Wraith: 3 Warp Blast, 3 Supernova, 3 Abduction
Kraken: 3 Lightning Strike, 3 Aftershock, 2 Vortex, 1 Banshee Mines
Goliath: 3 Rock Throw, 3 Leap Smash, 2 Fire Breath, 1 Charge


I meant lilke in combat. Like using them in a specific order and fashion


Leap Smash, Fire Breathe, Charge, Rock Throw.
Feels good man


Behemoth - Tongue Grab into a Fissure into a Lava Bomb then a wall.
Kraken - Lightning Strike to Aftershock
Goliath - Rock Throw to Fire Breath


Kraken - Banshee mines to distract, Vortex into ground, Aftershock (then drop to ground) {WREKT WITH NO LIGHTNING STRIKE}

Goliath - Charge into hunter team, Rock Throw into hunters as they are flying, Leap smash into hunters, then fire breath all over that dancefloor.

Behemoth - Tongue Grab, Lava Bomb at the ground in front of Bob, Rock Wall, 360 NO SCOPE Fissure.

No one truly commented about :wraith: yet. :laughing:


abduct into heavy into warp into heavy


I like your style. Abduct to take them in, Warp to push into a corner, Decoy to distract and Supernova


Thanks! :heartpulse:


BeheMETH amazing


Kraken: 3 Lightning Strike, 3 Vortex, 3 Banshee Mines

I may change my strategy against Laz + Hank/Sunny and take 3 aftershock, but i’m not sure.


He is asking about combos you use in combat not builds. Something like Vortex to Lightning strike traversal close use banshee mine then drop to the ground heavy melee followed up by another banshee mine if needed.


Tongue grab ( when it works )

Into rock wall ( when it works )

Into fissure ( when it works )

And if the guy isn’t dead yet, prepare for the dubstep.



Banshee to to some first damage and force them to lose time.

Lighting strike to kill them.

Vortex to kill those who tried to use their jetpack to escape my fury.


3 simultaneous mammoth bird shock.