Great reboot .........but


Gotta give credit where its due ,you’ve streamlined the game, made it more accessible and got it living again but for the love of god pls fix the lobby system. Twice tonight I’ve had a whole team quit on me then I’m stuck in a lobby with their avatars getting told i will incur a penalty if i leave when i saw them all quit in game…oh and we have teleporting hackers playing aswell but its ok i beat them ,lol.


Fix in progress. It missed tomorrows patch, but we are going to try and hot fix it after tuesday.


You sure you didn’t have a kala on your team, teleporting hackers?


fantastico, thanks for response.


They didnt have a kala and were teleporting outside dome and back in aswell as when i focused them with abilities but random snowballs and banshees were clutch;) wish i had a vid was pure hilarity.