Great job with Stage 2 TRS


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Seriously though this game is so much more fun, thank you for using the Lazarus Device on our beloved game!

You may see a ton of Bug reports, but you guys have to remember how many people are playing, so it’s not that bugs are occurring really often it’s that there are so many people playing that a bug will pop up often in the threads.

Holy hell thank you for improving your bug fixing system, you have no idea how hopeless we felt in the beginning of the game’s life, all those bugs that we felt weren’t getting fixed. But now you are Johnny on the spot, so give one of those bug fixers a highfive for me.

As for the gameplay, it’s all so smooth and much more fun without the stealth, it was a good decision and for that I thank you.

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Here’s to a great release on Console.


Hahahaha! :stuck_out_tongue:


More bug fixes on the way! :heart: :monster:




The only problem I have is with the massive Emet nerf… My heart is broken. :broken_heart:


I don’t think the balance bros got to spend the time they wanted on him. I wouldn’t be surprised if you see adjustments made to E.M.E.T at some point in the future to make him feel and play better.


It came to my attention that Torvald does less damage, but I’m not pissed because his mortars look BADASS.


It’s amazing what little details can do. Torvald’s mortars, Caira’s nades, Hyde’s minigun sound effects…The list goes on :slight_smile:


Speaking of sound effects I’ve noticed that you can hear Gorgon wiping her hands when she’s on a wall. It sounds like leather. It’s so awesome!


I’m still waiting for my murloc goliath and Bob’s cake.
Bob is hungry.
Bob doesn’t want to hurt animals or hunters.
Bob wants to eat a cake.


Caira’s nades look sooooooooo much better if you talk to whoever redesigned them tell them they did a fantastic job.


Hunters are friends, not food.


Indeed my dear steak on metal sticks




I actually really don’t like how EMETs Heal Burst has such a short cooldown. I don’t like spamming abilities. It’s just hitting 4 all the time. Rather give him a more powerful heal burst with a longer cooldown. He has his buoys for constant healing, I don’t want to spam 4 all the time. (That’s the reason why I don’t like Slim either :wink: )

EMET was near perfection in TU8.1. Dunno why you needed to change him…

EDIT: Besides that, great feedback from OP. Didn’t want to hijack this thread, sorry. :smiley:


It’s perfectly fine, hijack away.


I still cant believe its had 51,000 player high! Jeez…why did they not F2P this game from day 1 lol.