Great idea for a new support class


So this new hunter idea is a support named Jason his abilities are he can make a small dome and everyone in it can not be damaged his next one is like hanks force field except it us a refueling device that recharges people’s jet pack his weapon is a semi automatic rifle his appearance well look kinda like Jeff bridges except he has a robotic leg and arm he well be nice to Caira and griffin but he dislikes Lazarus and will argue with him often but he will still be upset if anyone dies he will be best friends with griffin and he likes telling story’s like how he lost his leg his likes caira because on the hunt where he lost his leg he was saved by caira his story every one was killed except him so he spent all of the money trying to get better gear to help the other hunters betters so there isn’t another event like his first hunt thoughts and comment your opinions


Use ----------------> . <--------------- this thing once in a while.
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Also paragraphs …


I meant feedback on the idea


I hope you think it’s a good idea


i like the ae shield


Yes it is like a hunters done but a shield and much smaller


Concept is good.I like it , the AOE shield would work against Wraith. The recharge thing would be kinda useless since the hunters would be moving around BUT, it would be useful when you are defending the generator or defending something !


Thanks for the input in glad you like the idea


Maybe a jet pack refueling dome would be cooler, because knowing when one character needs a jetpack boost would be hard to coordinate with PUGs…
I think an invulnerability some would be OP because it gives the hunters free shots on the monster while the monster is in the open… And when they saw you use it they would just run away which wouldn’t be conducive to gameplay it would need a short use capacity and long cool down

But I like the idea

It would be better to give him a damage reduction ability that would let the team get breathing room and deter monster… while also allowing the monster to still have the option to down a nearly dead player


Interesting idea. Invincibility in the dome sounds a bit strong, maybe an overshield type thing would work better. Extra jetpack recharge sounds really useful, but also very difficult to use.


Not really a fan of the jetpack refuel idea, but I drew up a quick MS paint mockup of some ideas I had… its super shitty looking but i’m bored at work so meh :stuck_out_tongue:

Shield would be AOE, make everyone inside of it invincible for the duration, but you can’t fire out of it. You’d be able to drop deployables which would activate after the shield moved away from them, but no bullets/rockets/harpoons.

M1 garand style semi auto would be pretty cool, can’t reload till its empty, makes a nice “ping” sound

Instead of jetpack refuel, I thought it would be cool if you could set up like some kind of laser tripwire things… you’d drop spikes in the ground and then a laser beam would connect between the spikes. Monster would take some damage every time he passed through them

Then the standard cloaking device

Pros to this character would be easy revives while the shield is up, area denial, accurate primary weapon to better target weak spots with

Cons would be that it requires you to bunch up with your teammates to use the shield, shield should drain energy quickly, shield is hard to use offensively, only reload when magazine is empty (no passive reload unless magazine is empty either)


Another idea, put the shield as a toggle on the primary weapon. That way instead of switching to an entirely other item, you press 3 and your character flips a switch that’s built into the stock of his rifle. Makes it so you can do things like shield + revive or shield + tripwire, downside being that theres a .5 - 1 second delay on the shield going up and down so it can’t be pulsed as easily as hanks.


How about a stationary shield that can fit up to three hunters inside. The shield lasts 10 seconds, but that time is reduced by one second for every hunter that enters the dome. That means one hunter is kind of screwed, but the monster has plenty of time to finish cooldowns and set up a big strike.

I saw this in a stream where the monster was outside the dome and the hunters were waiting inside for it. The monster wouldn’t go for it, but he did wait for them to drop the dome. He picked up a boulder and held it, just waiting for the dome to drop.