Great game


Despite the PC gamer review today (10 hours? Really?) you guys at Turtle Rock have made an amazing game. I was excited for it when I first heard about it at E3 I think last year (I love that Lissie cover of “mother” you guys did). I played the alpha, I played the beta, and I have about 250 hours now on Evolve. Every time I try a new game (Heroes of the Storm, GTAV), they all remind me of the things I love about Evolve and the skills I’ve learned in Evolve allow me to decimate pretty much everyone in those other games because of how punishing idiocy is in Evolve (which I love). The fact that every new game draws me back to this one I think is a good sign. League of Legends started small, I think Evolve might be the next thing. I’m looking forward to the future and I’m excited to be a part of it.


That positivity :thumbsup:


Awesome words, Syndra. Great you are having a awesome time. We defiantly can use more positive players such as yourself here on the forums and in game.


There’s hardly room for comparison with Heroes and GTA. Both of those are completely different multiplayer experiences than Evolve…

This game was good, but lately not so much; hopefully things will get sorted out, but I’m not so optimistic because any new t5 characters are just gonna send us back into dejavu


PC Gamer’s review of Evolve highlighted major flaws with the game journalism industry. They didn’t bother to truly understand the game and try to see what others were talking about, they just created superficial complaints from a tiny amount of pubbing.


I truly dislike Chris Thursten, his writing is always incredibly biased to his personal views. He actually complained about sexism in Shadow of Mordor or some nonsense.

Plus that whole column (it was in the print magazine from a month ago) basically reads “WHEN I DON’T ROFLSTOMP AS MONSTER THIS GAME SUCKS, I’M ONLY GOOD ENOUGH THAT IT’S HAPPENED ONCE!”

Please. Even Evan, who reviewed, said it’s got nice game mechanics that flow into each other, etc. This guy though tries to push his own beliefs and agenda in most of his articles, you’ll feel more sane if you just discount most of his stuff as biased. (He likes to pretend that Dota 2 is the only Moba and that Smite and LoL don’t matter at all for example).


Played Shadow of Mordor. Loved Shadow of Mordor. Sexism is a problem, but that’s probably one of the lowest games on the offender list.



I don’t think it was even about the whole “Sneak up on Talion’s wife” thing either, it was something to do with how he feels he cheats the orcs by taking credit for their achievements during those “encounters” or something, I’d have to go look it up to remember exactly.

It was…very odd place to insert said statement but he did anyways.


Wait, what? That don’t make no sense :stuck_out_tongue:. All the Uruks are male.


As I said, it was completely nonsensical.


Where’s the sexism in shadows of mordor?


Try taking your wraith skills, a sniper rifle, and a lobby full of people in GTA and see what happens.


I thought they had already highlighted major flaws with the industry in their first review. I don’t remember who it was but I remember someone talked about how the “focus on a progression system” felt weak (does anyone who is level 40 know what this progression system they refer to is?) and that after they had “finished” this progression, they felt like the game lacked depth.


I still don’t see a comparison… xD


Not so much a comparison, more so just hilarity. People have no idea what to do when something is stalking them with a big gun and employs ambush predator tactics when confronted with a tank.


You’re a good guy.