Great game!


Hi, evolve came out on my birthday and i’d just heard of it that day so bought myself it as a gift ;+}

I’ts great, it has the whole FPS angle, plus monsters, plus squad combat, plus sci-fi :smile:
It gets that whole hunter/hunted thing that is part of the general FPS expereince and so deeply woven into our DNA !
Plus you get teamwork, too.

Also it’s very nuanced, you realise more things about it the longer you play.

The AI is great, i used to program AI stuff as a hobby so it’s important to me.

I feel it makes us grind too much, but i’m sure plentyy has been said on the progression system so i won’t bang on about it here.

I think it’s fantastic, as soon as i saw it i knew i wanted it, LOVE BEING A MONSTER !

See you in the jungle!



Real happy that you like it man! What system do you have it on? We could play a few rounds together!


Great that you’re enjoying the game just like the rest of us here! Hope you’ll continue to fight alongside/against every single one of us for a long time.


I’m on PC, name is DeepCut.


It’s definitely a great game, especially if you get a coordinated team of hunters. I was on from about 10 am to 1 am yesterday with only about an hour long break for dinner. The game is super addicting and once I get off work and run some errands, it’ll be right back to hunting for me, can’t wait :slight_smile:


Hmmm methinks this thread could well be merged with this one lol ; How about we get some positive feedback for the game

Anyway, yeup… having a blast… LVL 40… still going with no LVL progression to look forward to. Playing for the love of the game!