Great game, but painful multiplayer matchmaking


Firstly, I’ve been hyped for Evolve ever since it was announced, but had never gotten the chance to play until official release. Now the problem I’m facing is getting matched with idiots (for lack of a better term) in multiplayer.

Now I’m still completely new to the game, only playing less than 20 matches so far, and I’m no expert, but I still see Medics running ahead of the group and ignoring other hunters who get incapped by wildlife, only to run into monster and fight alone. I’ve seen an Assault/Medic pair just run around starting area, killing wildlife while Trapper and I actually try to find the monster. Now there may be some tactics here I am unaware of, but playing with random people online (on PS4) without being able to communicate your tactics or discuss other options, is just difficult.

I’ve seen this thread and hope that something along its lines can be implemented:

Maybe it’s just beginner’s ignorance that’s getting to me, but I just hope a system can be implemented in which as I improve my gameplay, I can be rewarded by being able to play with even better players.

I know I’m not the only one who feels this way and I know this isn’t an issue the devs haven’t foreseen, but I want to hear, and let the developers hear, other people’s opinions on this.


I can agree with you. I am a medic who does all the things you’re saying, but I run Laz, who’s main purpose is to revive once they are fully dead. Mainly all I can say is good luck trying to find people who can play well. I have been playing for hours and haven’t found a team really worth anything. All I can say is that without talking to people it is extremely difficult. Wraith especially.


I agree. I lost a large majority of my starting games and now have a pretty bad win / loss. Part of it was due to me learning, but a lot of it was due to me and a bunch of newbies getting matched against Monsters who already had the mechanics down, probably from the beta. As a result, the Monster seemed ridiculous.


I did have some games where people did silly mistakes and misplays, but that rarely happens anymore.

Once you get into higher levels you start playing with people who played a lot of games and learned a lot about how the game works. At rank 20 Lazarus players no longer charge into battle, Markov players use mines regulary and everyone works together (more or less) to cut the monsters path.

Also, even if your teammates do not have microphone, you can still give them tips and direct them what to do with your own microphone. Just be patient and guide your team to victory. The hunters have a higher chance of winning when at least one person takes charge and leads them as a team.


I have had a few good matches where everyone works together as a team.
But I find more often than not ppl just do what they want and try to 1 man the show, then eventually getting killed early or being a medic and trying to lead the pack in killing the monster.

I wish people would understand the roles and play them. this isn’t call of duty


I think that unfortunately, with any game this strategic where timing and map knowledge is key, you are going to have to deal with noob teams. Although a ranked mode would be quite a nice addition…