Gravity Glitch Still Persists


So, I haven’t seen this one in a long time - but I just got the good ol’ gravity glitch again.

I’m unable to record video, but here’s the situation I was in (same as it used to be): I was beginning a match in Quick Play, but while we were on the dropship, the monster called for a restart and it passed before we dropped. After the next match started, I was stuck floating in the air where I was supposed to drop from the dropship. Upon using jetpack, I’m able to descend to the ground - but now, for the rest of the match, any momentum from climbing a wall to getting hit by a Vortex to jetpack boosting caused me to float space-style in one direction until something stopped me. I’m able to cancel the floating by using a jetpack burst, but it will just happen again if anything causes me to become airborne. Also, when I was incapped, it allowed the last weapon of my kit to be used while in this state (seen below).

It looks a lot like an infinite jetpack hack, so I was trying my best to stay grounded. Unfortunately, I was fighting the glitch more than the monster.

I was only able to get two screenshots at the end - not that it shows much in the way of what happened. Basically, in these screenshots, I got incapped by a Banshee Mine while floating so high that I hit the map’s ceiling, but my body kept attempting to ascend.


Lemme tag @ArPharazon and @Insane_521


It happens after you restart the match while the team still at the dropship


I stated that. :smile:


Alright . My bad I didn’t see the thread anyways