Gravity falls ending episode/appreciation thread [Spoilers]


wow. all i can say is wow. Such a fantastic series, in fact i think its the best animated show disney ever made, show ont movie, it has SOOOO much depth, fantastic characters, great plot, awesome background details and characters, and sooo much more. And now the final episode aired, and it nearly brought me to tears to see such a great show come to a close. Post here anything about gravity falls, or about the final episode SPOILERS ALOWED, and anything else relevant to the show, theories, maybe next show speculation, character stuff, etc. IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THIS SHOW, GO WATCH IT, I PROMISE IT DOES NOT DISAPPOINT.


Just watched it with my kids, just now.

The feels.

Damn good show.


The last one is out?

Who died?

Wait don’t tell me GRAVITY FALLS HERE I COME


I need to watch this. Probably watched the first few episodes and loved them but then i stopped watching tv.

Always loved how weirdly well written it was.


I added Spoilers into the title

Also just finished it…tears, I just couldn’t hold them back this time :broken_heart: :cry:


I’m sad it’s over, but I respect them for making a story arc and finishing it rather then dragging it out into dozens of sequel seasons.