Gravity defying bodies


If you kill something (creature or hunter) on top of a cliff and the body rolls off the edge, you will jump down to eat it but sometimes it won’t be there. If this happens, you can climb back to the top of the cliff and the body will be right on the edge. This also happens with hunters killing creatures. I killed an elite and it rolled off a cliff so I jumped down to get the buff but it wasn’t there. Then I saw the HUD icon telling me to go press E and I looked to where it was pointing and it was on top of the cliff I had just jumped off of.

This doesn’t appear to be a latency issue. I won’t have any other lag or latency problems but this will still happen.


Clipping issues probably. The item glitches into an area that isnt easily accessible and to make it accessible the game puts it back in the last known good location ?


On the surface that sounds plausible. It’s happened to me several times, though. Different maps and all, so it would have to be something related to the body/gravity physics that causes them to fall through the map if that’s the case.