Graverobber and Blood Leech Perks

Hi, I am new but I have read these forum for a while. I made a profile because I want to make a discussion about these three perks. They are the monster perks that will allow monster to get armor and health back by defeating a hunter. As soon as monster gets hunter down to orange health, where the skull appears and they must be revived, the monster regens armor and regains health quite rapidly.
Here is picture from the official patch note


Problem with these is that it gets rid of all hunter progress on a monster. Monsters can get strikes, but then all of the health damage a hunters do is removed? It is very unbalanced, in my opinion.

I know that taking these perks means monster has to sacrifice other perks, CDR or DR, those ones, and this makes getting a strike harder at first but in the later game, having all of health > having CDR, plus he can just get a wildlife buff anyway…

It is not a small amount of health and armor either. I played a game as Torvald vs. a Wratih. Torvald is my main Assault. Stage one, got him in caves and took ALL of his health…he escaped with only one bar left.
Got him stage two again and I did about one more bar of damage but he downed a couple of hunters, and this was his new healthbar

(i will put images soon as I can, it tells me I am not allowed to post more than one image because I am new)

and this was right after the fight…he is still getting health back and is regening armor too. We find him again near the main building on the distillery. Still stage two. He kills Support on this time and gets armor, and even hitting all shotgun hits from Torvald’s shotgun, his armor was going up faster than I could do damage…
This is his healthbar at that point, and it was still regenning when I took the screenshot. So even if I was able to break his armor to do more health damage, it would not matter

Still stage two.After this, we scatter and he evolves, so I head for relay and fight him off until dropship.
We got everyone back in and fought again. I initially broke armor and did almost two bars of damage, but then because Support and Medic are already two strikes, they go down too quickly and he regens armor too fast for me to any damage. He also gets back all his health.

after this he kills Trapper and me, no chance

when I say I took all his health at stage one, not exaggerating…we fought him in caves and Hank and Slim were very powerful players, I landed all mortars and he downed Slim and ran away with less than a single bar of health (before regen)

when we caught him again he was back up to about half health, so he could afford to fight, downed Slim, armor regen stopped me from dpsing, and he ran and got more armor

By the third/fourth fight, full health, full armor, and multiple strikes on support and Medic

By stage three, all health, two strikes on Hank and Slim both. Armor regenning ridiculously fast because he gets easy kills. No chance of winning

he went from one bar of health to full, nothing we could do…

i know that 2k forced the devs to quit the game, but cannot they arrange for one more hotfix or something? just to remove these perks, which they never got the time to balance properly because they were forced to stop working…

really unbalaced perks in my opinion

Please do something if it is possible, developers

<3 Evolve

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stage two fight, already getting back lots of health, in the process of gaining armor


he hasn’t even gotten that many strikes here…two on Slim, one for Hank, just 3 but already full health?

he’s getting armor back so fast that even hitting all shotgun shots I cant get to health


stage 3 fight, all health

because he has so many strikes he can kill hunters fast, meaning he’s always regenning so much armor that i cant get to health damage…even landing all my shots

The problem is that TRS can no longer work on Evolve. 2K cut the contract with TRS. The Devs couldn’t change the perks even if they tried.

That’s the best answer I can give unfortunately.

Then also as a little tip, you can post multiple pictures within the same post. Just make sure the links/metadata is on separate lines


Unfortunately those were some of the last perks TRS put in the game before 2k pulled the plug. They never really had a chance to adjust the values so here we are!


Ah, thank you for the tip.

Yes I know that, it’s really stupid that they cut their contract…i just wish that it was different i guess

they didn’t get time to even balance the new perks, or glacial behemoth either


Yeah, or even finish The Dam map. It sucks, but it’s still a good game. Also they never re-added Tyrants :cry:

As for these perks, I haven’t played for awhile so I forgot how unfun these perks were, but my best advice against those perks is to run strong defensive comps, like Hank or Sunny.

Prevent downs/kills = prevent the monster from regaining HP.


Yeah, thats the best way to go. unfortunately its usually impossible to prevent it forever, but yeah

even with strong Slim, Hank, Abe stasis and torvald mortars, we still took downs

and the problem is that getting one down makes it easier for the next down to happen, and it stacks to disadvantage hunters while the monster doesnt have any long term disadvamtage because he regains health

But yeah you are correct. thanks for replying


Everything comes to an end, good or bad


Most classy monster players avoid stacking these perks because it’s kinda just…cheese. They can serve their purpose for a newbie monster…but even then there are better perks to learn by an these don’t guarantee a win if you’re a new monster, either. Monsters that know how to kill a team will not require these perks though…and those that do use them and have hundreds of hours under their belt, well, we tend to look down on these guys for basically not playing a fair fight, even though they are legit perks in the game. The devs only just added them when the plug was pulled and no doubt they would have been tweaked down in future updates…they just did not get the chance.


I like a lot of speed in my monsters. So you can often find me with a nice blend of perks.

haste / feeding speed / evolved claw

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What @SledgePainter said. Most higher tier players avoid these perks because they’re borderline useless against a good team and they draw a lot of ire from said teams. I stopped using them for that reason.

Its not easy for new teams, but the last time I dealt with these perks was with some idiot with Glacial who thought he could cheese his way to a win after we ate 3/4 of his health bar (3-4 downs on a single person), he eventually rage quit.


I honestly disliked these perks as well

NOT however because I felt they were OP- Quire the contrary, and id be glad to write a novel on why, but the “short” version of it:

Hunters, GOOD hunters, are difficult to down when you HAVE combat oriented perks as it is.

These perks reduce your combat power potential- notably. Youre giving up more abilities, youre giving up DoTs, youre giving up CC, youre giving up raw damage, youre giving up… etc. Things you need to get downs against these good hunters.

I loved fighting monsters with these perks- Because i rarely worried about them getting downs against us. Or at best, enough downs to compensate for the life they gained back. If you lose 4 bars instead of 2 youd have lost because you cant down anyone “as quickly as you would have”, and then gain back 1- Im still ahead.

Which leaves these perks in a funny spot. Monsters who win with these perks, probably wouldve won with “better” combat oriented perks to begin with. But because they have these perks- Their win looks even MORE convincing- because you end the match with little if any permanent progression against them.

I dont like perks/abilities/mechanics/etc that serve little beyond frustrating low end players and being useless at a high end.


Pretty much. They’re win more perks basically.

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