Grappling Hook


I don’t know which class this would fit best under, perhaps trapper, but what if a hunter had a grappling hook that could help the hunter catch up to the monster faster?

Comments, concerns, etc.


Probs would fit best under Trapper or Support.


i think it would be a bit op for trapper depending on how it works so i say give it to assault so he can stick with the monster in fights


an assault with lazer beams pls


Grapple dome grapple dome grapple dome


Could work like the reverse of Griffin’s Harpoon. Instead of stopping the Monster, pulls the Hunter closer. Sounds fun. Possibly on terrain as well. Might need a fairly short range though.


why do you need this when you have sunny?


@Zaglix did someone say an assault with laser beams :slight_smile: lol

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This would be the only way a melee assault would work


I hear the term grappling hook, I think it as a escape mechanism. Might be good for a medic in future. Help escape from the monster or help the medic get in range for a heal burst. Cooldown of course though.