Graphics Problem


Okay, before I begin, I had amazing graphics in the Beta and Alpha.
Everything looked nice, smooth, just great.
On the same computer I used in the Beta, this is happening.
Something went wrong.
If you want, I could post more pictures.
At the moment I am uninstalling the game and reinstalling it to see if it fixes the issue, but I can’t enjoy the environments and monster/hunter models/skins for the bad graphics.
I’m on PC

No textures on PC, not enough VRAM, graphics look awful

Haha, same thing for me, but for the starting pictures, not in the hunt.


Also I would like to say, the tutorial videos and Evac cutscenes are terrible!
They are slow, the audio stutters, and I feel bad that I have to delay the match for everyone.
Nothing I can do for EWvac, but watching all the tutorials before hand stops them from appearing while I play.


I am running the game perfectly on PS4.


I’m on PC. D:


That means you should run it better… Lol, but just do what you are doing now.


I tried putting graphic settings at High, Medium, low, turned off shadows, turned off Vsynch
Nothing works.
ATM I am reinstalling the game to see if that fixes the problem.


Tell us if it does. In Beta I had to put everything on Low(est!) to get like 20FPS. I didn’t really mind, but if higher end rigs are having trouble…


Yeah, that’s the problem.
I see lower end computers getting better graphics quality than my higher-end computer.
That’s what scares me.


The machines are getting tired of people’s constant lust for better components- they want to be loved for what they are, not butchered and spliced and turned into abominations for your sick pleasure. :confused:


But I didn’t put hundereds of different parts in my computer!
I just bought a really good computer!
Why do games hate me!!!???


There, there, it’ll be alright. Just be yourself and all the kids in school will love y- oh, wrong speech… I got nothing. :confused:


Belive it or not, I avoid everyone I can at school. :stuck_out_tongue:
I have my group of friends, I avoid everyone else.
Also the game is at 80%
Will tell you guys if graphics get better this time.


Excellent. Good luck.

I was always like that, but without the group of friends. I was such a loner… :cry:

Who needs, like, friends, anyway? I have a dog.


1 dog?
Try 6.
So close to hopefully better graphics.


…He’s a big dog? More of a wolf in terms of heritage/ancestry. Wolf > Dogs. :wink:


3 boxers
1 beagle
1 Brussels Griffon


Griffin ate Brussel Sprouts and turned into a dog? And then you kept him?



Holy crap, it actually looks like Griffin! Facial hair and all!