Graphical Glitches?


Just started playing the game and sometimes the game flashes very brightly and violently mainly whites and reds. I am playing on the PS4. is anyone else experiencing this or know how to fix it?


If it’s just white, it is probably lightning. I have never experienced red flashes you are talking about, tough.


I got 1 white flash and i’m on PC.But at least its not happening so often so i can live with ti until its fixed

And yeah i also have never saw the red ones


It has to be an error on your PS4’s end. Check for… I don’t know, Playstation-y errors. If it is a game bug, TRS will have it fixed soon. Does it happen too much?


it is definitely not just lightning its got shapes too sometimes they resemble ghostly plants other times they don’t have a definable shape it mainly happens during the middle to end of a fight and more often when playing as a hunter then a monster.


I would expect a PS4 update then because on PC i have no problem like that


Glad to see I’m not the only person experiencing this.


I’ve had similar problems on PS4 - didn’t happen during the monster tutorial but during the Markov tutorial it was borderline unplayable. Mostly seemed to be happening near waterfalls/mists but following footprints led to a blue/white flash in front of my eyes, weirdly only while walking forwards. Some black artifacts too. Gonna keep going and see if it keeps up.


I restarted my ps4 and it seems gone, but im glad it wasn’t just me having the problem, needing a new ps4 would suck.


I was getting a similar blue/white flash earlier tonight when playing with Hyde. Along with translucent squares around objects, the magic squares were colliding with eachother and was extremely disorientating. Was fixed After off/on but lasted whole game.