Grandma Lennox In-Game Model Changes


I think everybody know how i love my Granny Lenny and her BadAss Design but the only thing i didnt like on her is that u cant see her face ingame because she wear her helmet the whole time

My Idea : It would be cool if she only put her helmet on if she is in Melee Combat

Helmet on :

In combat ( Plasma-Lance , Thunderstrike )

Helmet Off :

( Autocanon & other things )

( ignore the 3rd pic lol )

This Changes would be just Cosmetic so no Game-Breaking or a Buff / Nerf

What do u think ?

I really hope TRS can do this this will make my Lennox love much bigger ^^


I think it’d be better for her to have it on during combat but off out of combat but that would bring up a fair bit of issues with her dialogue and everything.


I would like this since Lennox is my favourite Assault, it would just take a lot of work that could be used elsewhere. Her face would have to be animated for all of her out-of-combat dialogue and I’m pretty sure 90% of her VO is made to sound like it’s coming from the suit rather than her mouth anyways. Would be weird if she had that robotic tone in her voice when the suit was open.


As far as I know, none of the dialogue that came after a certain point is animated. If you look at your teammates in the dropshop, all of the newer dialogues have no animation.


Hardly any dialogue has their mouths animated, and yeah, like I mentioned the dialogues would prevent a fairly large issue.


Or like Emet he didnt changed his face if he use his Demon Core Dialogue so i think it didnt will be a big issue but it will make her a more unique and more BadAss Assault to use ^^


I like feeling like a Big Daddy though lol


Damn I just she noticed she has “THUNDER THIGHS” get it… I love myself


I always get confused when people talk about how they’d have to animate their dialogue because their mouths don’t move during dropship conversations.

I think the only time there’s actual lipsync animated is during the cut scenes.


I think it’s more about the effect they add onto the diologue. Like when she talks about the armor being destroyed, saying how the other hunters can’t see the hp-armor bar. Her voice sounds like she’s talking in a tin can. The dropship has no tin can effect because her helmet would be off. This would require 2 sets of her diologue. Then cause problems with what set to use when

Cool concept tho. I’d still rather have a full-skin for her. Imagine a infinity Lennox, but teal everywhere.