Grahpic cards.. need help!


That i7 isnt too bad… you should probably be able to get the most out of a 760 which i think meets your price range


Keep your eye on Black Friday/ Cyber Monday deals between now and then.

I’ll try to add to this thread or another for deals for anyone interested.


yeah, wait till NVIDIA and AMD show what they have in store for this Christmas. I’m hoping that they won’t mess up this year. If you have to do it now, go for either Radeon R9 280X or GeForce GTX 770 if possible. One note, i would not get a card with 2 GB VRAM, most of those high end cards will come with 3 GB now and if you want to do SLI/CFX and maybee go higher than 1080p, you will need it for the future. I’ve sold i7 2600k, 2x 7970, SSD Windows 7, m/k, 875 PSU 8 gb of RAM for $500 (but it was my friend, so it’s different) so look out for a deal, Another note, my personal recommendation, look for something with custom cooling, especially on AMD side, they can get loud…


So ive got some new questions… :

Those cards mentioned are about 28cm long. In here u can see how much place i have… do you think this will work? (white strip shows 28cm)

2nd Q: im working with an 360W energie system… same question; does this work?

Thanks for all of your help! :smile:

PS: imagine a gtx770 or r9 280x


I don’t think that this case will be able to handle it.
Is this like a Dell or HP PC? If yes, there is VERY high chance, that it will not support anything new. First of, This motherboard is bad with this case. Yes, length will be fine, BUT you need 2 slots for GPU and you don’t have the room for 2 slots on your case, and i think it will also interfere with your RAM banks. Another thing is, PSU is to week. You need 2 connectors at least 6 and 8 pin ones and i don’t see any. My idea is, that no, I don’t think that any of those GPU will fit into your system. sorry…


what if i go for those two?
its a medion full pc, just added some RAM so far, he´s 1 year old. :smiley: i thought there is place above my acutal card…? isnt that true? :frowning:

What can i do if those bigger cards dont fit? new cassis?


give me the link to the page with details of what you bought.

This is such a strange picture, normally you take out the left side panel to see what’s inside, in here you take out the right one, so i guess the GPU does go UP when i think about it more, it should work with size too. Give me the link for either motherboard or the exact PC model you bought.
I always built my own, but i had a good deal on Alienware Aurora R3 and on paper, great specs, but devil was in the details. Once I upgraded my GPU, It would not work, because BIOS didn’t support UEFI cards… and they didn’t have any patches for BIOS… :expressionless: so with new mobo i had to get new case, new case, new PSU - even that was proprietary. That’s why I decided to just sell my old system, the one i told you about previously. Give me link, we will talk. As of now, I would not recommend buying anything until we find out more.
PSU fine but expensive, there are cheaper alternatives.
That GTX 760 is nice not because of it’s power, but because of how quiet it is, for same price you could get something much better. like this:
or even this:
even though this is 2GB card.
I understand that you are on budget of €300, correct? give more info, so we could make a educated purchase, or if worst come to worst, let you know not to do it.